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In this week's episode, Richmond's campaign begins a slow comeback, so Gwen decides they need to shoot an anti-crime video, preferably one that includes an appearance from the Larsens. Richmond is uncomfortable using them at such a vulnerable time, especially after running into Mitch Larsen at the grocery store.  Jamie finds out that Yitanes planted a mole in Richmond's campaign, and Richmond is relieved to find out Gwen wasn't spying on him. But, Gwen is upset that he didn't trust her.

The Larsen's home life becomes more unraveled as the kids become more self-sufficient, cleaning up their own bed-wetting accidents and buying milk for themselves. Stan's tenuous control over the situation falls apart when he sees his daughter dressed for the funeral. He goes to his friend and work colleague, Belko, to find out who the main suspect is at the school.

Holder and Linden return to the high school to question Ahmed Bennet, Rosie's teacher, but he swears the letters were innocent forms of encouragement for a bright student. However, he lies about his alibi for the weekend, has the same ammonium hydroxate in his home that was found on Rosie's body, and his wife is a former student whom he wooed with the same encouraging letters. Holder wants to act and arrest Bennet, but Linden prefers to take it slow and deeply examines a film made by Rosie for possible clues.

The Killing
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The Killing Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Rosie's gone. Finding out who killed her won't change that.


Mayor Adams: In no time at all, Darren's come here and built himself a real rainbow coalition: blacks, fruits, whores, and drug addicts.