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Last week's tense cliffhanger is quickly resolved at the start of the episode when Stan leaves Bennet out by the ocean and returns home. Bennet returns to find his wife giving valuable information to Linden about a possible new suspect, a friend of Bennet's from a local mosque named Muhammed.

Linden misses her flight, which causes Rick to avoid her calls. She and Holder investigate the mosque, but only end up with an address that was stealthy placed in Linden's shoe by a mysterious woman. They break into the building and find it empty, until they open the walk-in freezer and are overtaken by an FBI raid.

Stan returns to Mitch who is very upset that Belko did not tell her about the teacher and ends up spying on Bennet and his wife. Stan admits to the children that Rosie was murdered by a "bad man."

Mayor Adams begins airing a damaging advertisement against Darren Richmond that suggests he is on the side of a suspected murderer. As a result, Richmond's Seattle All Stars program is cut by the city council.

The Killing
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The Killing Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Linden: I don't want to do this anymore. I'm finished with this life, but I have to wrap up this case.
Regi: That's exactly what you said about the other case, with the kid, and you're doing the exact same things that almost lost you custody.

You losing this election when you could do a lot of good for a lot more people than this one guy, that's wrong.