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Word reaches both Councilman Richmond and Stan Larsen about police interest in Bennet Ahmed. Richmond is advised to distance himself from Bennet and the Seattle All Stars group by Jamie and Senator Eaton; however, he brings up this beneficial program and even defends Bennet as merely a person of interest at a televised debate with Mayor Adams, possibly damaging his campaign again.

Linden questions Bennet's neighbors to find a witness while Holder interviews Amber Ahmed's sister. Amber's sister claims she didn't arrive at her sister's until 1am, and a neighbor with a telescope claims to have seen Bennet and Amber carry out a young girl wrapped up in blank (unmoving) at 12:03 a.m. Linden finds out Bennet is at the Larsens and that Stan Larsen has connections to the Kovarsky family (the Polish mob) and rushes over to the family home.

Bennet attends Rosie's funeral and Stan's friend Belko points him out to Stan. Convinced that the man knows something about his daughter's death, Stan offers Bennet a ride home, and the two leave. The show ends with Linden racing after Stan and Bennet who ride together in tense silence.

The Killing
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The Killing Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

In dreams begin responsibilities.

Darren Richmond

First you win, then you do good.

Senator Eaton