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On this week's episode of The Killing…

Linden is placed in a psychiatric ward for a potential 72 hours after the casino claims she was attempting to jump from the building.

The psychiatrist attempts to explore Linden's passion towards her cases including the one that got her placed in a psych ward before. She learns that Linden felt that they caught the wrong person for that particular case and the drawing of the trees was done by the son of the murdered mother.

Holder learns that one of Janek's men broke into the water front construction site to plant Indian bones but was released after Michael Aames, the man in charge of construction, said there was nothing wrong.

He tells Lt. Carlson that Rosie accidentally heard the conversation between Jackson, the Mayor, and Janek and it got her killed. Both Aames and Mayor Adams were hoping for a bigger payday when trying to sabotage their own project.

Stan tries to move on with his life and find peace. He gets the kids a dog and fixes Bennet Ahmed's porch light.

Linden's ex is able to get her released from the psych ward.

The key card is still on the tenth floor untouched.

The Killing
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