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On part one of the season finale of The Killing…

The Mayor calls off the police hunt for Linden and Holder in exchange that they solve the Larsen case.

The two discover that Gwen has casino connections and Jamie pushed forward an Aames construction project. The two are potential suspects of the Larsen murder.

Mitch comes home. Stan and Terry both let her know that she left them and that they still had to keep the family together.

Linden and Holder convince the casino head of security to hand over the footage of the elevator to the tenth floor.

It reveals Jamie met with Aames and Jackson on the night of Rosie's death.

Richmond meets with Jamie's grandfather and confronts Jamie about his lies.

The Killing
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The Killing Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

No late fees on those DVDs, right?


Now if that's it, "bro," I've got a campaign to resuscitate.