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On part two of the season premiere of The Killing…

Someone drops of Rosie's bloody backpack at the Larsen house. Holder attempts to go through it and discovers a camera inside.

Stan wants protection fearing that the killer is still out there.

Linden attempts to re question Gwen Eaton and figure out where Richmond really was on the night Rosie was murdered.

Holder wants to get the back tested for evidence and clues but Lt. Oakes makes him send it to a different person. Holder replaces the bag with his own and learns that Lt. Oakes is attempting to cover something up after he lies about the results.

Jamie Wright tries to deal with Richmond's paralysis and getting his family members to come see him.

Linden travels to the site where the photo of Richardson and his wife was taken. She learns from a crabber that Richmond tried to kill himself on the night Rosie was killed.

She tells Richmond that she knows he is innocent but Richmond threatens to sue her if she reveals his suicide attempt. He fears it will destroy his campaign.

The charges are dropped against Richmond.

Holder meets with Sloane and wants to tell internal affairs about Oakes. Holder realizes he was being used by Sloane and his promotion came with a price.

Oakes is forced into early retirement and Linden is reassigned to the Larsen case.

Holder tries to apologize to Linden but she refuses to listen afraid of his dishonesty.

Stan wants to protect his family and visits the Polish mob boss, Janek Kovarsky, telling him to kill Rosie's killer.

The Killing
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