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On the season premiere of The Killing…

Darren Richmond is shot by Belko Royce causing Sarah Linden to abort her plans to leave.

Linden tells Lt. Oakes that Holder doctored the photo of Richmond on the bridge and therefore he might be innocent of Rosie's murder.

Turns out Holder was given the photo to turn in by his former Lt. Gil Sloane.

Holder makes detective first class.

Richmond is paralyzed from the waist down but survives the gunshot.

After Belko is distraught that Stan Larsen isn't happy about what he did, he takes a police officer hostage pleading to be let go. He then shoots himself.

Linden tracks Sloane and witnesses him meeting with Richmond's opponent, Mayor Lesley Adams' employee's Benjamin Abani.

Someone is taking photos of Linden watching them.

The Killing
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