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In tonight's episode, Beth and Simon have two auditions, but Beth's opinionated nature gets in the way of Simon's success, and even though a fellow guardian appears to have forgiven her, in actuality, she sabotages Simon's audition. 

Connor must also make a tough decision, as Raquel desperately wants to go with him to his show's premiere, but can't because Connor has to take Jennifer Bell.  After a rough day on the Cactabear 2 set, and increasingly bad cramps, Raquel needs comforting, but Connor is frustrated that Raquel encouraged him to sign the boyfriend contract with Jennifer Bell to begin with.  He storms out and Raquel is left alone to start drinking.

At the end of the episode, Raquel gets in her car after drinking to meet Connor at the premiere, but ends up getting into an accident.  She's unconscious in the last moments of the show.

Nick is not feeling up to pitching great ideas in the writer's room after Abby dumped him, so the writers take a field trip to a nearby bar.  Sabrina attempts to kill his chances at the job at every turn, and just when Nick thinks he's got her trapped by changing venues to a strip club, Sabrina doesn't give in and parties with the men easily.

She was not invited to the brothel Nick found, and that's when he pulled ahead in the race for the job.

Meanwhile, Abby needs a place to stay and Brandon is quick to volunteer his apartment, but he has an ulterior motive.  Surprisingly, it's not just his motive as Brandon and his girlfriend Laura take Abby back to their place and things quickly heat up and turn sexual. 

Kaldrick struggles to forgive his father for his past transgressions as he stays at the Mission trying to sort things out.  By the end of the episode, Kal invites his father back to stay with him at his house.


The L.A. Complex
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The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Brandon: Why do you smell like chlorine?
Abby: I broke up with my boyfriend last night.

Connor: Ah, yes. The classic showdown of half-man versus half-cactus. Who wins?
Raquel: Certainly not the viewers.