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Nick goes up against Sabrina on this episode of The L.A. Complex.  It's finally decision time and while Sabrina is confident at first she will be chosen for the job, it's actually Nick who gets it.  Sabrina is infuriated with Nick and it's only when he seriously offers to quit for her that she makes up with him.

This week, Kal has trouble in the bedroom with Dawna and is being sued by rapper Infinite Jest for physical and emotional damage.  Kaldrick calls the lawsuit a joke and Infinite Jest's lawyer agrees with him, but asks Kal to mentor Jest.  Even though Kal refuses, the lawyer and him part on good terms.  Later, Infinite Jest sets Kal's car on fire and Kaldrick uses the car fire as an excuse to see Jest's lawyer.  The end up in bed together.

Raquel is still manipulating things over at Celebrity Halfway House and she encourages Ricky to pick a fight with Zach, a younger recovering drug addict.  Ricky pushes hard against Zach and in the last scene, Zach has overdosed in his room and needs to be taken to the hospital.  Raquel looks on guiltily.

Simon and Beth are still arguing about her pulling him off a set and in the middle of the argument she confesses to him that their dad abandoned them.  Not believing her, Simon screams at her to leave.  She does, but when she hears good news from the Bill Nye audition, she picks up food for the two of them, spending precious money, and comes home to find a note from Simon saying "Gonna find dad" with all the money she had been saving gone. 

Abby is dealing with the fall out from the decisions she's been making regarding Brandon and Laura.  When she has a romantic scene with Brandon, Laura stands by and stares Abby down, causing her to flub her lines.  Laura starts screaming at Abby and a producer steps out and warns them that Donald is watching everything.  The three of them are summoned to Donald's office where Laura and Brandon lie to Donald about Abby's preparedness.  Laura starts spinning stories about Abby until Abby finally gets angry enough to tell Donald everything.  She then accuses him of hiding his deviant behavior and goes through his laptop and his desk, finding nothing until she admits defeat and realizes she's fired.


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The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Stop thinking honey, it's never been your strong suit.


If he wanted to get well, he wouldn't do it on television.