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This week, Connor’s sister Charlotte convinces Connor to let her help him give Scientology a shot.  Connor confirms just how unhappy he is and begins his path to Scientology by taking a personality test.  Connor’s results show that while his intelligence is high, his personality test scored lower, showing that he is depressed and anxious.  While waiting for Charlotte, Connor is grilled about his past until he breaks down, and finally agrees to sign up for the first round of cleansing, costing him somewhere between 5 and 10 thousand dollars.


Raquel is finding that her money problems are not disappearing just because she filed for bankruptcy.  She needs help making more money for Cam and Kevin’s film and is informed by a credit loaner that she won’t be able to get a loan for at least 10 years.  A coworker, Manny, at the bar tells her about a way to earn more money illegally, but Raquel turns it down, but when a customer is rude, she decides to participate in scanning his credit card. 


Beth and Cam go out on a date, but it’s not exactly what Beth had in mind.  Cam takes her to an SAT test and then to an ice skating rink to pay homage to her Canadian heritage, but she doesn’t know how to skate.  Meanwhile, Simon and Kevin are trying to create bubbles for Kevin and Cam’s movie and finally figure it out, just as Simon and Beth’s dad appears at The Lux. 


Abby is very concerned about Tariq and gets his address from Eddie in Canada.  She then tells Kal about it and then forces him into letting her accompany him to Canada on his private plane. Abby tells Kaldrick that unless Tariq wants to see him, he’ll stay in the car.   Tariq allows Kaldrick in, but doesn’t forgive him for the hurt he’s caused him.  Kal tells Tariq he would never do anything like that again and Tariq makes sure to mention sarcastically how glad he is he could help Kal grow.  The two gain closure on their relationship, but it’s clearly still painful. 


The L.A. Complex
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The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Hey, hey, hey! Bert and Ernie, shut it down!


Take off the hat. Take off the hat.