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This episode opens with Beth and Simon’s dad introducing himself to everyone in Beth’s life.  He decides to stay with Beth and Simon and then takes his kids to an amusement park, taking Simon away from his audition rehearsal with Beth.  Beth confronts her father about abandoning them and Simon throws up at the amusement park.  Their dad wants them to come back with him, but Beth says she won’t go.  When he tries to convince Simon to go, he tells his father he wants to live with Beth.  Finally, their father leaves in a very public confrontation.    


Grey comes to visit Abby and have a great day together as the two of them sleep together and spend the day talking about where Grey could be going for the Air Force.  Realizing she may never see him again, Abby tells him they should break up, but by the end of the episode, Grey is proposing.    


Raquel films at a bank with Cam and Kevin, but they still need expensive equipment, so she swipes a number of credit cards and soon gets caught by a customer.  He’s kicked out for his beligerance and Raquel’s boss asks her out when she’s tending his wounds.   She says no because of “complications” and then she later asks Connor to play her love interest in Kevin and Cam’s movie and he agrees.


Kaldrick sees Chris with a peace offering: the sculpture he broke.  He tells him he wants to take it slow and they agree to dinner.   Then Kal goes into the studio, apologizes to his producer for wasting his time, and asks for another chance to prove himself.  He records new material all about truth and empowerment and invites his dad in to watch.  Kaldrick also finds out Infinite Jest is signed to his label and that Rook is working for him. 


Sabrina is cut off from her parents and moves in with Nick.  She has an audition for a Will Arnett sketch show.  He is driving her crazy when she throws her back out.  Nick helps her get to her audition and at the end of the episode, they exchange “I loves yous.”


Connor is reading a book on scientology when Eddie tells him it’s a cult and he should read up on it.  Connor confronts Charlotte about the money he paid and it turns out she does get a cut of whatever Connor gives, but Connor still wants to believe she wants what’s best for him.  He goes back to the Center and Peter Shilling, a celebrity, is there and endorses the detox.  Roxanne assures him that the aggression he’s feeling is part of the detox program and is totally normal.  She convinces him to stay with the program and he agrees. 


The L.A. Complex
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The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Who's going to play my love interest? And don't say it's one of you two clowns.


If this is you looking bad, I'm a very lucky man.