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Just as Connor is enjoying being cared for in the arms of Jennifer, Eric comes into the picture.  Eric is Jennifer's husband who won't sign the divorce papers.  Jennifer leaves Connor to watch Eric since she's off to meet David Fincher and Eric is drunk.   After some initial scuffling between Connor and Eric, the two eventually find common ground and start getting along just in time for Jennifer to come home.

Beth is late on her rent, but luckily Simon has booked a guest spot on Another Victim.  Beth can't stomach the idea of Simon being hurt, so even though Simon is acting, Beth disrupts the filming because she thinks Simon is in danger, especially when the actor kidnapping Simon puts a plastic bag over his head.  Beth and the director have a huge argument over his treatment of Simon and Beth takes Simon home without him finishing the job.  He's furious with her and the episode ends with them not knowing how they'll pay rent.

This week, Kaldrick continues avoiding Dynasty who wants him to finish his album.  Instead, Kal spends time with his father, helping at the Mission.  His father sets him up with Dawna, a recovering drug addict and now social worker.  Kaldrick continues fighting his image as he requests to be called Sean, his real name.  He picked up a waiter at the restaurant where him and Dawna were eating and is supposed to meet him, but it's implied he decides to take Dawna out again that evening instead.

Nick and Sabrina are still competing for the writer's room job and are now sleeping with one another.  By the end of the episode, after humiliating one another, they decide to call a truce.

Abby decided to lay it on the line with Brandon and brings him back to her apartment to "talk," but the two end up sleeping together.  Abby wants Brandon to break up with Laura, but then Laura arrives and tells Abby that she can't do threesomes anymore because she wants a future with Brandon.  Brandon, overhearing this and forced to choose between Laura and Abby, chooses Laura.  Unfortunately for Abby, Laura was waiting outside of the door and the three of them have an extremely loud and public fight that ends with Laura pushing Abby in the pool.


The L.A. Complex
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The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

If we can move away from the crazy misconception that I'm a bitch and start organically developing my as a compassionate and loving individual, that would be super.


There seems to be another twosome developing in our threesome and it's starting to make things complicated.