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In the beginning of tonight's episode, Connor walked in on Eric and Jennifer in bed together.  He smiled, clearly happy that they found their way back to each other, but was surprised when he was told by Jennifer that he had to move out.  He assumed they would continue on living together.  He moved back into The Lux and texted Raquel that she was right all along about Jennifer. 

Beth and her friend continue searching frantically for Simon, looking all over the city for him.  Beth even leaves a message with her estranged father in the hopes he would help find Simon.  As it turned out, Simon was just hiding in another apartment at The Lux and Connor found him.  Connor offers to buy everyone at The Lux dinner including a very hungry Simon.  A mysterious blonde woman who was shown pictures of Connor at the beginning of the episode tells him he is her sister.

Raquel finally reaches her breaking point during the taping of Celebrity Halfway House when she realizes the damage she caused Zach when he over dosed.  She thinks he should get "real help" and not on some television series that thrives when it pushes people to their breaking points.  After telling Zach that he should leave and getting permission from the producers, Zach tells Raquel he wants to stay.  In the end, Raquel leaves and she is now in breach of her contract.  Her and Connor make peace at the end of the episode.

Sabrina and Nick search for new material for their sets at a comedy club and Nick scores well by telling the crowd about his strange craigslist adventures with the elderly.  Sabrina also did well with her set. 

Abby also had a great day.  She first went on set as an extra, but soon met a guy named Gray who offered her some fast cash if she showed him around town.  He took her out to a nice restaurant and told her he was in the Air Force.  Their evening ended with a kiss and a promise from him that he would get in touch for a second date. 

Kal woke up at Chris' office and Chris asks him to breakfast.  Chris asks him about Tariq since Kal said his name while he was dreaming, and Kal stormed off, not wanting to discuss Tariq.  He also confronted Infinite Jest at his house, telling him that they are even.  Jest calls him a hypocrite for writing raps about being poor while living in a mansion.  Later, Kal goes to Chris' place and rather than discuss his life, kisses him aggressively.  Chris tells him he can't deal with someone who isn't out and has so many demons and baggage.  Kal breaks a sculpture and Chris advises him to fix things with Tariq.

The L.A. Complex
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The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Eleanor: How would you like to skip 40 years of fumbling around in the dark and really learn how to please a lady?
Nick:I would not..no...I know what I'm doing.
Eleanor: I can tell you without a doubt you do not know what you're doing.
Nick: Are you talking about a verbal lesson?
Eleanor: No, one learns by doing, Nick.

Ricky: You have two faces and I don't like either face!
Raquel: All right. You don't seem to be alone in that.
Ricky: Oh, boo hoo. I don't cry for the puppet master. I cry for the puppet.