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This episode of The L.A. Complex begins with a look at Los Angeles through the eyes of newcomers Beth and Simon.  Soon they find that things aren’t as possible as they had hoped as they approach the director of the commercial Simon stepped into.  It turns out he was only kind to them because he was hitting on Beth.  The brother and sister keep going and bargain for a place at the Lux.  They also end up signing a contract at an agency, but the contract stipulates $1200 upfront.  Simon and Beth decide to stay in Los Angeles, but vow not to let it change either of them.

Abby and Nick both have their first days at their respective jobs.  Abby signs a “morality contract,” ensuring she doesn’t step out of line with the religious values of the series “Saving Grace”.  The contract stipulates she must say something if she knows any of her coworkers are stepping out of line.  Soon Abby catches the actors playing twin brother and sister having sex and the rest of the episode they swear her to secrecy and threaten her with her life if she says anything.

Nick’s first day goes well once he calls a truce with Sabrina, but his silence during the brainstorming sessions worries Sabrina, who forces him to share an idea.  The idea works, but when Sabrina decided to kiss him, their truce is off.  Then Nick and Sabrina are told there is only room for one of them in the writer’s room because of budget.

Raquel and Connor define their relationship to one another at the beginning of their day and split off to start their days.  Connor meets with Jennifer Bell, a prominent movie star because she has a part for him.  As it turns out, she wants him to sign a contract to be her boyfriend for six months to ensure her relevance as an actress.  Connor, insulted, walks out.

Raquel, meanwhile, is informed by her agent that she has an audition to play the role of a snarky sister in a feature in which she’d like to be the lead. Raquel’s agent then suggests she go to a class about how one is perceived.  She begrudgingly attends the class, only to be seen as her worst nightmare: mean, calculating, scary, angry, and tough.  Even though Raquel lashes out at the class, in the next scene, she has made herself up to look softer, donning a blonde wig and showing up at her audition pushing to play the role of the nice girl.  In the end, she doesn’t get the role and she encourages Connor to sign his contract and continue being her real boyfriend.

Lastly, Kaldrick wakes up in the hospital, told be his friend the key to leaving the hospital.  Kal instead tells the truth.  He would attempt suicide again given the opportunity.  Kal refuses to talk to anyone, either in a group or private session, but when his friend breaks him out of the session, he confesses to a patient who is visibly not mentally present that he is gay.

The L.A. Complex
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The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Connor: Last night I had a few drinks.
Raquel: Last night you had all the drinks.

Abby: Why can't I find my underwear?
Nick: Because I've been throwing them out. My plan is nearly complete.