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Cameron takes Beth to a college for a tour after she gets a 1900 on her SATs where they meet his ex-girlfriend, who is completely unfriendly toward Beth.  Beth enjoys her tour, but worries about how she'll pay.  She then takes Cam to the library and she suggests they do more than study in the stacks, and then tells him they should film it.  When Beth gets back to The Lux, everyone tells her Simon has been taken by Child Protective Services. 

Connor and Raquel are interrupted during their filming by the police arrested Connor for arson/insurance fraud.  No one accompanies him, but everyone tells Charlotte about Connor's arrest and she tries to get Roxanne to help with Connor, but Roxanne won't come to the phone.  Instead, Charlotte rushes over to the police office and confesses to burning his house down.  Both of them are covering for the other when the lawyer arrives.  Connor and Charlotte celebrate and profess their love for one another, but Charlotte takes it a step too far as she kisses him on the mouth. 

Raquel goes into work and tells Manny she wants a higher cut for the risk she's taking.  He tells her to stop flirting with their boss and Raquel tells him to stop flashing his newfound wealth.  Both agree to cut back, but Raquel ends up kissing him.

Nick tells Sabrina he's going in for a networking event/gig, but really he is wearing a bunny suit and performing comedy for a kid's party.  He's quite successful and paid well for it.  He soon needs to decide if he wants to continue pursuing his dream job or take what pays the bills.

Abby and Grey get married, then annulled, and then annul the annulment.  They decide that even though they don't know each other, they're willing to get to know each other throughout the marriage. 

Kal stays by his father's side and Christopher stands by his.  Dawna comes by the hospital, figures out that Kal is gay, and makes a graceful exit.  Rooks comes by and apologizes to Kal for working for Infinite Jest, then tells him Infinite Jest stole the studio hard drive from his house.  Rooks didn't need to look at the hard drive to know Kal was gay, but now it's in Jest's hands.


The L.A. Complex
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The L.A. Complex Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Is it illegal to have bad judgment?


Raquel: What?
Connor: You're so beautiful.