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The group sits around a fire and Phil gives another heartfelt thanks to them for letting him out of confinement. The group is nonplussed. Carol suddenly hears crickets and everyone becomes ecstatic.

At the dinner table, Carol presents the group with a disgusting "cricket casserole." Everyone is disgusted but Carol explains that their food supply is running low and that there are no animals anywhere besides their cow. Carol takes a bite and guilts everyone else into trying it.

Phil is out hunting for crickets for Carol's cooking when he sees Todd exit the mystery house that he visited in the middle of the night in The Last Man on Earth Season 2 Episode 4. Phil's interest is piqued, so he goes into the house and investigates. He finds a recently washed frying pan as well as an empty refrigerator. Phil finds a large freezer in the garage and opens it, his eyes widening and saying "oh my god" at whatever is in there.

Carol is preparing another cricket meal, though everyone but Phil and Phil 2 decline partaking. Melissa cuts her finger open on a can of expired food that they were opening, causing Carol to become nauseous and Gail to snap into action as the resident "medical professional."

Phil tracks Todd to the garage in the house and confronts him about the freezer and what's in it -- 42 packages of bacon. Phil threatens to go tell the group about the bacon but then instead tells Todd to start cooking. Todd and Phil gorge on bacon.

Gail tells Melissa that according to the book she found, it looks like her cut needs stitches. Gail volunteers to do it, but Melissa accuses her of being drunk and refuses.

Phil tries to ask Todd about his relationship with Melissa. Todd declines talking to him and denies that they're "bros," saying that the only reason Phil is there is so that he can't blackmail Todd about the bacon.

Carol talks to Melissa about how to stave off Phil 2's interest, and how Erica seems angry at her about it. Carol decides to dress in what Melissa is wearing to seem more "boring."

Carol brews up cricket juice for everyone and tries to be rude to Phil 2 to dissuade him from his interest in her. Erica rolls her eyes and leaves the room. Todd declines any cricket juice and Melissa wonders what is wrong with him. He tells her he isn't feeling well and leaves. Phil follows him, saying that he is coming down with the same thing. Melissa's finger continues gushing blood, so she finally agrees to let Gail give her stitches.

Carol goes to talk to Erica and tries to convince Erica that she is not flirting with Phil 2. She tries to emphasize that in their new society they should try not to be cat-fighting. Erica walks away from her.

Todd and Phil cook up the bacon and continue to gorge themselves. Phil suggests that they bring the remaining packages of bacon back to the group. He says that Todd can take the credit and surprise the group. Todd declines, saying he is in too deep.

Melissa asks Gail to breathe on her so she can see if Gail is drunk before starting the stitches. Gail successfully stitches Melissa up, after Melissa gets drunk herself as a form of an "anesthetic." Phil 2 continues to flirt with Carol and Erica finally confronts him about how it is making them both uncomfortable, putting Phil 2 in his place.

Despite Todd's insistence that he doesn't want to do it, Phil cleans up the whole house and sends out all the bacon wrappers on a small jetski out to see to get rid of the evidence. Phil wraps up the bacon with a note from "Todd" and leaves it for the group to find. Everyone is thrilled, though Todd is still panicked that his duplicity will be discovered. The group spots Phil's bacon wrapper jetski on its way back to shore. Phil panics.

The group goes to the beach and sees the beached jetski full of bacon wrapper. Todd immediately confesses and apologizes. Phil jumps in and defends Todd, lying to take the blame for himself by telling a fantastical story about Todd wanting to share the bacon and Phil threatening him with a gun to prevent him from doing so.

No one believes Phil's story. Melissa asks Todd what the real story is, and Todd immediately confesses that it was all him and that Phil only had a little bit of the bacon. They both start crying and trying to take the blame. The two men both end up in the stockades, where they reconcile when Todd thanks Phil for what he tried to do for him.

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Erica: Phil. Why don't you take that comment, put it inside a bottle, and shove it up your butt?
Phil 2: What?
Erica: And then take that bottle back out, put it inside a bigger bottle, and shove that up your butt too.

Erica: You don't think I see all the flirting you've been doing with Phil?
Carol: If anything I'm doing the opposite! I mean for Pete Sampras, look at this dumb outfit I borrowed from Melissa.
Erica: I don't know, you look fine to me.
Carol: This needs like a pineapple on it or a giraffe or children sliding down a rainbow. I mean, this is not me.