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Phil wakes everyone up to show them that Phil 2 is in the stocks. Phil 2 is angry with Phil for putting him in the stocks. Phil tries to claim to the group that Phil 2 put himself in the stocks, to pay penance for his crimes.

Todd interrupts, calling to everyone to come take a look at the cow. The cow has given birth to a calf. Todd suggests that there must be a bull around and suggests that they all go looking to find it, using the cow's urine as bait for the bull, so the cow and bull can mate again.

Phil tells Phil 2 about the cow, and Phil 2 attempts to convince Phil to let him out of the stock. He suggests that if Phil lets him out temporarily, he can find the bull and then go right back into the stock.

Phil's brother Mike Miller tries, from his space station, to make contact with anyone on earth by radio.

Todd accidentally walks in on Gail making out with the Gordon dummy.

Phil gives a long speech to everyone to convince them to let Phil 2 out of the stocks, so that he can help with the search for the bull. They reluctantly agree, if only to get Phil to stop talking. Phil goes to let Phil 2 out. Phil 2 immediately goes to his car, telling Phil that he can tell the group they don't have to worry about him anymore and that everyone is alone. Phil 2 drives away, apparently leaving for good.

Todd and Gail have an awkward conversation while searching for the bull. She confesses to Todd that she dressed up the CPR dummy like Gordon, that she talks to it and does "other stuff with it." She admits that she does it because she misses Gordon so much, and says that Todd is lucky for having Melissa. She counsels Todd on making his relationship with Melissa work if he really cares about her.

The group has lunch in the midst of searching for the bull and Phil announces that Phil 2 took off, leaving for good, when he released the other man from the stocks. Erica is visibly upset about it. Phil suggests that they put the bull search on hold to go look for Phil, but everyone ignores his suggestion.

Mike Miller continues to attempt to make contact via radio. He thinks he's made contact, but it ends up just being an echo of his own voice. He becomes upset and rips apart the radio system.

Todd talks to Melissa about their relationship. He suggests it is time for them to take a little break, and she counters by saying it is time to take a big break.

Todd visits Gail in her room and tells her that he and Melissa just broke up. He cries on her shoulder and Gail offers him a drink. As Gail is comforting a distraught Todd, the two end up kissing.

Phil continues to guilt the group about the way they treated Phil 2, leading him to think being alone is a preferable alternative. He echoes the old proverb about he who is without sin casting the first stone and hands rocks out to everyone. He begins bringing up the past sins of every member of the group, which leads to the group devolving into arguments and accusations amongst themselves. To get everyone to stop shouting at one another, Phil throws a stone through the glass window.

The next morning, the bull shows up right in front of the house, having been lured by the scent of the cow urine. Everyone is frozen with shock, before all reacting at once and shooting the bull full of tranquilizers. Phil 2 walks up, announcing that he brought the bull back as he said he would. 

That night, they feast on the bull, who they accidentally killed by shooting with too many tranquilizers. Phil 2 walks up, asking for assistance in getting back into the stocks. Carol tells him to forget about the stocks, and the group accepts him back to their table, having forgiven him.

Meanwhile, Mike Miller binges on much of the food and alcohol in his space station and floats through space.

The Last Man on Earth
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