A New Home - The Last Man on Earth
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The group explores the office building. Tandy finds frozen pizzas, Carol finds toilets that flush, and Gail finds an ice maker. Lewis doesn't think it feels like home but the group loves the power and wants to stay.

They each pick a floor. Things get awkward when Gail doesn't want Todd living on her floor.

They're just starting to make the frozen pizzas when the power goes out. Without it, Carol wonders if there is any reason for them to stay.

Todd is upset when Gail breaks up with him. She thinks he should be with Melissa.

Everyone is concerned when a sculpture almost falls on Carol. Tandy finds wirecutters nearby indicating someone may have set it up. He suspects Lewis.

Todd finds Melissa shooting chairs. He tells her he and Gail broke up. She doesn't seem to care but eventually comes around and hugs him.

Tandy's suspicions grow as things continue to go wrong with the building. He confronts Lewis but Carol admits it was actually her. She wants to raise her kids in a real house so Tandy builds her one on their floor.

Melissa tells Todd she's ready to have a baby.




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The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Frozen pizza! Frozen frozen pizza!

Tandy Miller

Love can be a category five suck-icane.

Tandy Miller