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The group flees the Malibu house only to end up at Cher's. They know this because there are awards and wigs and costumes everywhere. Oh yeah, and her corpse is still in her bed.

The group wants to know if Pat is alive or dead. Tandy offers to go back and check because he's an expert at sneaking around.

Once he gets there, he realizes he's completely freaked out by Pat andyells out that he brought marines and MMA fighters with him. He even goes so far as to attach dummies to a ladder so it looks like they're walking with him.

Pat is still lying in the driveway. Phil thinks he's dead and says a few words before dumping his body in the trash.

Back at Cher's, Tandy tells everyone. The group is happy to hear he's dead but Todd can't believe he killed someone.

Tandy tries to console him and eventually lies and says Pat is alive. This back fires when Todd demands to talk to him right away. Tandy offers to go first and calm him down.

Later, Tandy brings Todd back to the Malibu mansion where Pat is nowhere to be found. The two of them come up with a plan to keep the others away until they're sure Pat is gone for good.

The plan fails because the group wants to go home. Todd stops them by admitting Pat is alive.

Tandy confesses to Carol that he lied. The two of them come up with an elaborate sketch to kill Pat once and for all.

The group isn't buying it. Lewis yells at Tandy until he admits the truth. 

Todd is devastated that he killed someone. The group hugs him.

Back at the Malibu house Carol notices Pat's boat is gone and asks how Tandy got rid of it. Terrified, he runs out to the trash and Pat's body is gone.

The Last Man on Earth
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