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Where is Pat? The group follows blood to the beach. Everyone wants to leave except Tandy. Lewis agrees that they should stay because Pat is a fearful person and is probably not coming back.

For added security, Tandy sets up a makeshirt alarm system. He attaches fish to the walls that start signing if someone is walking down the hall. Melissa has her own security system in the form of a sniper's nest. When Lewis asks her about it, she explains that its in the perfect location to make multiple brain stem shots. She demonstrates by pretending to shoot and kill Erica which scares Lewis.

At dinner that night, Tandy suggests they should all learn sefl defense. Lewis again agrees but hesitates when he sees that Tandy has a Taser. Although Tandy promises not to Tase him, he does. Lewis writhes on the floor in agony.

While talking with Carol, Tandy admits he wants to be Lewis' friend. Carol suggest he speak from the heart just as the fish start singing. The group creeps through the house worried that Pat has come back but it's only Erica.

Carol suggests they were tap shoes, bells and blow a whistle to distinguish themselves from any potential intruder. The group thinks she's ridiculous. Tandy tells them he's set up tasing stations for their protection, while Melissa says she's set up axing stations. No one looks like they feel any safer.

On the beach the next day, Tandy is asking Lewis to be his friend. Todd watches on, having given his blessing. Gale approached and thinks they're all crazy. Carol joins them and is exited. Melissa is worried about land mines she put down there.

Lewis wants to know why they're still there. He points out that there's a mad man after them, the house is a disaster and they can literally go anywhere! Tandy insists that this is their home and they're staying. That night at dinner everyone's more on edge than usual.

Later, everyone is awakened by explosions, gun fire and car alarms. Turns out the tide set off the land mines which set off the alarms which set off Melissa, who just started shooting blindly. In the ensuing hysteria everyone agrees, it's time to leave.

There is a montage of scenes where everyone is reminiscing and slowly packing up. As they place flowers on Gordon and Phil's graves we see that they've also buried Cher. Finally they all get into cars and leave the Malibu mansion. 

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm not going to wear those freaking things and you can all suck it.

Gail Klosterman

Bunch, bunch, few, loaded. Got it.

Tandy Miller