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Tandy exits the bathroom after realizing half of his head is shaven and finds a trail of hair leading to what he thinks is Mike. He sees a pair of boots underneath the curtain, and opens them. There is note to Tandy that he follows until he eventually hears the music to "Falling Slowly." He walks into the room and Mike comes out singing the lyrics. Tandy joins him, and the two brother reunite. Mike asks Tandy if he likes his haircut. Tandy says he loves it.

Tandy goes back to the house wearing a Bob Marley-style hat with dreads. He is covering up the half of his face that was shaved by Mike. He is using a Jamaican accent that sounds more like an Irish accent. Tandy has the gang follow him and tells them he heard a noise. Todd asks if it was Jasper, and Tandy says it was and they all need to greet him. He pulls back the curtain, but no one is there. Mike asks if they are looking for him, and the gang turns around. Gail begins shooting at him, and Mike falls to the ground. Tandy is heartbroken until Mike gets up and Gail says she was shooting blanks at him. 

Back inside the house, Mike tells the gang his travel story. He stopped at a creek in Colorado to get some water when he saw something shiny in the water. He reached down to grab it, and it was a handle to a hatch. He grabbed the handle, and a bag came down over his head. When the bag is taken off his head, he is surrounded by dozens of people who tortured him, drugged him, and experimented on him. He escaped and hid in a file room from the guards. In the file room, he found files about each member of the gang. Mike does not think they are just survivors. He believes they are designated survivors. Then, he tells them he is messing with them. Instead, he saw one of the poop balloons. He ended up not getting the virus and must have just had a weak immune system because of his time in space. Mike says he never saw Tandy's note. In a flashback, we see that Tandy's note fell off the door and Mike never saw it. 

Carol brings in their twins to introduce them to Mike. Mike gets emotional when he learns that one of the girls is named Mike. Erica then takes Mike to meet Dawn. She tells him that she and Gail got married. Mike is surprised but congratulates her. Erica said she knows it is probably weird because they kissed, but Mike says he is happy for her. Todd comes into the room to see Erica. Todd asks Erica if she told him about their arrangement. Erica said she had not yet, and Todd asks if it is still a thing. Erica says they can talk about it later. Todd lies and says he came in here to see if the bench was wobbling and needed to be repaired. He begins hitting the bench to "fix" it, and then he leaves the room. 

Erica tells Mike that she and Todd are trying to have a baby. Mike asks if he and Melissa broke up. Erica says they are together, and Mike says he is like a sperm donor. Erica agrees. Todd is listening through the door and is upset by what he hears. 

Mike takes Tandy to the satellite van he was driving. He takes him in the back, with his hands covering Tandy's eyes, to surprise him with all of his old "friends," the balls. He thanks Mike for bringing them, and Mike thanks him for giving the balls to him. Mike says he got closer to them than he imagined. Mike shows Tandy all of the computer systems and things on the van. He has a computer that uses satellite to detect heat signatures. Mike tells him it is a little tricky to decipher stuff, but he is getting better at it. Mike tells him that he found Jasper that way, and the system kept him going when he was feeling lonely. Tandy says he thought he would never see Mike again. Mike asks if he wants help bringing the balls into the house. Tandy tells him to keep them. 

Todd meets with Gail and Melissa to tell them he is not excited about Mike being back. Todd says he is nervous that Erica will see him and realize he is a better option for a baby daddy than Todd. Melissa says he is a great option, and Todd says he thought Melissa would say something to comfort him. Gail tells him she is kidding, but Melissa says she is being serious. Mike is an alpha dog but Todd is a solid beta. Melissa tells Todd to talk to Mike about this. Todd says he will go ask him if he wants to have a baby with Erica. 

Tandy and Mike sing a song together when Todd walks into the room. He asks Mike to talk, but Tandy tells him to give them a second so they can finish the song. Mike gets frustrated and asks Mike what his intentions are. Mike says they are too nail the harmony of "Electric Avenue" and then go straight into "When the Saints Go Marching In." Tandy and Mike begin singing the song, and Todd tries again to get Mike's attentions. He asks Mike what his intentions are with Erica. He says he won't let anything get in the way of his agreement with Erica. Tandy asks Mike to give him and Todd a minute. Todd tells Tandy to choose between him or Mike. Tandy says he won't choose anyone, and Todd walks away sadly and says he has already made his choice. 

Mike goes outside and sees that someone has spray painted his van with phrases like "Beat it," "Mike is a bad apple," and "You are lame" on it. Mike goes to see Todd, and Todd says he didn't do it. He says a Mexican gang did it. Mike says he is not here to do anything but see his brother and his friends. He also tells Todd he considers him to be a friend. Mike encourages Todd to count his blessings. He says Todd has a lot of wonderful things in his life, and he doesn't want Todd to take it for granted. 

Todd goes to see Erica, who looks nervous about seeing him. Todd tells her he hasn't been acting like himself and apologizes for his behavior. He says it will probably be best if they both agree to not try to have a baby together anymore. Erica announces that she is pregnant. Todd cries and congratulates her before leaving the room. 

Todd sits outside and cries when Erica comes to find him. Erica asks why he is crying. Todd says he put her in that situation and that she might not want it anymore. Erica tells Todd she knew what she was signing up for. Todd argues that she did but then he went nuts. She agrees that he did, but she says she knows who he really is. She knows he is a wonderful man who got a little off track and that she will get him back later in her pregnancy. 

Mike and Tandy sing karaoke while Erica and Todd talk to Carol about their baby. They all start going to bed, but Tandy and Mike decide to sing more. The babies start crying, and Carol asks Tandy to help her with the babies. Tandy apologizes to Mike and says they can sing more tomorrow. Mike goes to his van and looks at his satellite computer. Then, he looks at the gang's house through the window. The computer turns from blue to bright red, and Mike realizes there is a massive heat signature. 

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Named her after Mike Clark Duncan. Big Green Mile fans. Yeah...j.k. Named her after you.


This thing really, um, really kept me going out there. During the dark times when I was at my loneliest, I would just sit down and search for life.