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The episode begins with a man Karl, played by Fred Armisen, and a woman (Leighton Meester) dining in a nice restaurant. They are on a date, but the woman is not interested in the story Karl is telling. 

Karl asks the woman if she's ever been painted. She says no, and he says he's going to paint her like Jack did to Rose. The woman fakes phone call about her sick dog and leaves the date. Karl goes home and eats ice cream. 

The next day, Karl calls his mom while cooking. He takes his dog outside to go to the bathroom, and he sees police coming down the street and quickly walks away.

Karl drives away when he gets a phone alert that there is a fugitive on the loose in his car with his license plate. He stops his car and gets another car to stop. A man (surprise guest star Martin Short) gets out of the other car, and Karl asks him to help him change the tire. Karl murders him, takes his car, and drives to Mexico. 

Karl calls his mom from Mexico and apologizes to her for what he's done. He says to blame his dad and not herself for what he did. 

Karl takes a man to his house to paint him. He is not actually painting him in a good way. Karl goes into the other room and grabs an apron. He tells the man that he is searching for the perfect brush but instead grabs a knife. The model goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water while he waits. He opens the fridge and finds a severed head in it and runs out of the house.

Karl returns and realizes the man is gone. He grabs the head and his essentials and runs away to a motel. The Mexican police come into his room and arrest him. 

In a police line up, Karl is identified by the man he was painting. He goes to prison in Mexico. 

In prison, he paints an inmate and looks like he plans to kill him with a shiv. However, the man collapses and has blood pouring out of his nose. The man dies from the virus. 

Karl tells a guard he is sorry about the people dying. The guard doesn't believe him, but Karl says that he has changed.

Karl goes to the yard alone to paint an apple. The guard tells him his time is up and takes him back to his cell. It's now just Karl and the guard in the prison. 

Karl tells the guard if he ever wants to talk, he can since it's lonely for the two of them. The guard brings him a beer and they talk all night. The guard says he stays at the prison because he doesn't have any family and friends still alive. He takes Karl back to his cell the long way because they have nothing else to do. 

The guard tells Karl that it is his last day. He is going to search for people who are alive. Karl asks if he will let him out, but the guard says no because he is a serial killer. The guard gives him enough food for two months and then tells him it is in God's hands. He also gives him a rope in case he wants to take it into his own hands.

Karl reaches out his hand to shake the guard's hand and say goodbye, but he pulls him close and kills him with a can opener. Karl takes the guard's keys and escapes his cell but can't escape the entire prison because he doesn't have the codes. 

Karl tries to climb the fence but can't find a way to properly scale it. He tries the combination on the electric lock. Then, the power goes out. 

Karl has built a small grave site for the guard. He talks to the grave site to apologize for killing him and says he has changed.

Karl says he is getting out today, and we see the rope prepared for him to kill himself. Before he can kill himself, though, he hears a car honking. He starts making sounds so they will hear him. He rushes to shave his beard and cut his hair. Tandy and Todd enter the prison and let Karl out. 

The Last Man on Earth
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