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The episode begins with a woman outside. She is gardening outside a large mansion. Two men come up to the house and motion for her to remain quiet. They appear to be police of some sort. 

They go inside and shoot the people in the mansion until the gardening woman comes in and shoots them. She stands proudly in front of a portrait of herself hanging on the wall.

The gang walks into the now-abandoned mansion and make it their new home. The woman's portrait still hangs on the wall, and Carol remarks that she looks nice. 

Melissa and Todd argue about Todd's recovery. Todd says he is fine and that he can carry his own bag, but Melissa is still worried about him after his heart attack. 

Dawn is crying, and Erica and Gail are frustrated with her constant wailing. 

In another flashback, the woman called Abuela asks the men in her mansion who the snake was. She wants to know how the police knew where she was. One of the men comments that she cannot be sure it was a snake. She forces him to complete a Rubik's cube in 10 seconds to prove he is not incompetent. He fails, and Abuela shoots him. 

Tandy and Carol are trying to babyproof the mansion, and Tandy finds the rubik's cube. 

In another flashback, a man is working on an explosive in the mansion's garage. He puts it into a pinata and takes it to a party. He talks with another man about a plan to kill Abuela with it. Abuela makes the man take the first swing of the pinata, but gunshots go off at her party before he can do so. 

Jasper finds the pinata in the garage of the mansion. 

Back in the past, the shooting continues. A man is shot at the top of the stairs and then falls down them. 

Carol tells Tandy that they need to babyproof the stairs with packing peanuts. Carol says she doesn't want her baby to get SIFILISS (Sudden Infant Falling Into Large Indoor Spaces Syndrome). 

Todd comes into a room in a wheelchair. Melissa is making him ride in it to protect him. She wants him to wear a helmet in case he has a heart attack, falls out of his chair, and hits his head. 

Melissa also makes him eat only healthy food. Todd is getting frustrated quickly with Melissa's treatment of him. 

Dawn is still crying and Erica is stressed. Gail suggests putting alcohol on the baby's lips, and Erica refuses to do that. Gail then suggests driving her around to see if the motion will calm her down. 

Tandy and Carol stuff the stairs with packing peanuts and bubble wrap. Tandy practices falling into the pit of peanuts and does not get hurt. 

Tandy wants to play with Rubik's cube now, but Carol guilts him into working on the baby proofing more. 

Jasper hangs the pinata on a chandelier and grabs a fire poker. Jasper puts a toy on the end of the poker and flies it around the pinata but does not hit it. 

Erica and Gail drive Dawn around, but the baby continues to cry. Erica doesn't understand why Dawn is crying now when she's witnessed so much death in her life. Gail has to break suddenly to avoid hitting a parked truck, and Dawn stops crying. She realizes that Dawn likes the adrenaline. 

Todd dances in his chair, and Melissa stops him because she wants him to calm down. He steps out of the wheelchair and yells at Melissa that he is done with this treatment. Melissa explains that she is so scared to lose Todd and doesn't want to watch him kill himself. 

Gail and Erica drive Dawn around while speeding, and Jasper continues to play with his flying toy and the pinata. Tandy comes in to show him how to do it but hits everything but the pinata. He breaks glass all over the room 

Carol freaks out that Tandy is not babyproofing. Tandy says they can't babyproof for every event and wants to know what Carol is so worried about. She says she's worried about the baby getting the virus. Tandy tells her that if that happens, none of the babyproofing matters. He asks why she's doing it, and she says it's the only thing she can do. She feels out of control if she doesn't do something. 

In another flashback, Abuela drinks in her private room with two of her men while the shooting continues. She tells them a story about a Chinese farmer who bought a horse. The horse ran away shortly afterwards and his neighbors said that was bad luck. The horse returns 3 days later with wild horses, and the neighbors said that was good luck. The farmer gives the horse to his son, and his son is thrown from the horse. The neighbors again say this is bad luck.

The farmer says that good news and bad news depends on when the story ends. Abuela says the only thing we know is that everyone's story ends the same way: death. 

Tandy and Carol sanitize the floors. Erica and Gail set Dawn up in a crib in front of a dead bear to make her scared so she won't cry. Todd gets back in his chair and helmet for Melissa. Melissa takes his helmet off and the two cuddle. 

Jasper goes to the pinata and hits it with the poker. Candy falls out, and Jasper is excited. 

A man shoots Abuela and turns his cohort in to the police. His cohort tells him the bomb is not in the pinata. The man asks where it is. He replies with "who can say?"

Tandy does the Rubik's cube and the camera zooms in close on it. 

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Carol: You don't want our baby getting SIFILISS.
Tandy: Syphilis?
Carol: You know, Sudden Infant Falling Into Large Indoor Spaces Syndrome.

Just as I suspected. Looks like we got an adrenaline junkie baby on our hands.