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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 1 picks up right where we left off in the cliffhanger ending to season 3. Kristen Wiig's Pamela had shot and supposedly killed Pat. 

We see the group reacting to Pat's death. Because Pat had given them a difficult time when he was with the group, they are not overy sad about his dying. They are, however, a little disturbed by Pamela's shooting him. 

Then, Pamela introduces another friend, a rear admiral named Roy Billups. He is played by Jack Black. Just seconds after meeting Roy, he is shot and killed by Pat. 

The group thought Pat was dead, but are shocked and frightened to learn he is not. Pamela shoots Pat again, this time multiple times, to ensure his death before bringing her dog Jeremy on board the yacht. 

The group then hosts a funeral for Pat and Roy, with Gail playing the accordion while Todd sings "Forever Young." After giving two brief speeches about the men he did not very well, Tandy decapitates Pat with a shovel to ensure he is dead. Todd and Tandy then throw Roy overboard.

Tandy is making jokes throughout the funeral, and Pamela is laughing a little too loudly at his dumb jokes. Carol, Tandy's wife, is obviously upset by the attention this other woman is giving her husband. 

Tandy and Todd then send Pat's body southward on a jet ski while sending his head north on a separate jet ski. The two jet skis collide into each other and explode. 

Melissa is driving the yacht towards Mexico. 

Later, Carol begs Melissa to speed up the boat because she could have her baby at any moment and there is a nuclear dust cloud following them. In Carol's words, this is M.U.B.A.R. or a "messed up beyond all regular-standards" (and yes, that is hyphenated). 

Then, Carol returns to the group with a glass of water for herself. Pamela snatches it from her hand, thanking Carol for bringing it to her, and gives a drink of it to her dog. 

Pamela explains how she and Pat knew each other. She nursed him back to health after he left Tandy's group, and they were happy together. However, the rear admiral Roy showed up and began stealing her attention. 

Pamela found the group because Pat saw their camper on fire and knew it was them. He wanted revenge for how they treated him. Pamela could not let Pat kill the group because she had seen them on her drone and they had given her hope when she was alone.

The boat then hits a buoy a water, causing them to try to stop the boat. Gail fails to anchor the boat properly. 

The boat drifts far into the ocean, away from any land. Melissa and Gail have no idea where they are, and they decide to keep this news from the rest of the group so they do not stress. 

When Tandy and Todd ask why they can no longer see any land, Melissa and Gail say that it is a phenomenon known as "Davey Jones' mirror," where the reflection of the water blocks the view of any land.

We also find out that Tandy broke the bathroom on the yacht because they ran out of toilet paper, and he had to use his shirt, Todd's shirt, and a sock. Tandy builds a "backup" bathroom with cooler and a plank that leads to ocean, but Jeremy knocks it over. 

Carol is, once again, very jealous of Pamela and her relationship with Tandy. Carol tries to laugh hard at Tandy's jokes but takes it a bit too far, making Tandy and Pamela uncomfortable.  

Then, Carol tells Melissa and Gail that she doesn't like Pamela. The other women agree and say that Pamela is burning through their supplies. We see Pamela dumping potato chips out of a bag so that she can use the foil to help her sunbathe. 

The women start making a plan to get rid of Pamela once they reach Mexico, but Pamela overhears them. Pamela assures her dog that she will fix it and keep them safe. 

Later, Todd asks how long it will be before they reach Mexico. Gail lies and says it will be 4 to 5 nautical hours. 

To pass the time, Pamela uses Erica's breast milk to make white Russians for the group. The group is obviously upset by this, except for Tandy who claims he loves the drink with breast milk. 

Finally, Melissa and Gail see land and are ecstatic. The group doesn't understand what the big deal about seeing land is since they have been following land all along. Melissa and Gail are forced to explain that they have drifted off to sea and are lost. 

The land the women see is an island, not Mexico. The group decides to go to the island to see if they can find any supplies since Pamela is using all of theirs. 

Carol is especially eager to go to the island because she thinks the yacht they are on is getting too crowded with Pamela. 

The group, minus Tandy and Pamela, get into a dinghy to head to the island while Tandy and Pamela finish up last minute things on the yacht. 

Pamela convinces Tandy to untie the rope to the dinghy, and once he does, she knocks him unconscious. Then, she sends the rest of the group to the island and begins sailing away on the yacht with Tandy. 

Later, on the yacht, we see Tandy waking up with Pamela. Tandy is mad that she kidnapped him and sent his wife and unborn child on that dinghy boat to the island 

Pamela tells Tandy he will grow affection for her, but he says he won't because he is married to Carol. Pamela responds with "for now." 

Tandy wants to go back to the group to help them, but Pamela says they will be fine because she packed them supplies. 

However, the supplies she gave them were not helpful. They had champagne and beef jerky for food and drink, and the rest of the supplies include an empty sunglasses case, a fondue pot, and other useless materials 

The group, still without Tandy and Pamela, reaches what they believe is their very own island. However, the audience sees the hands of someone watching them as they approach the island just before the episode ends.

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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Rear Admiral, what can I say? You died doing what you loved, being alive.


I know a lot of stuff went down today. It’s not often that you see a double homicide. That’s why I think it’s important that we have a talk. Sometimes when a bullet and a man’s brain feel very strongly about each other, they decide to take it to the next level, okay? And that’s called penetration.