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The episode begins with the Erica, Gail, and Carol still looking for Jasper at the house. Tandy and Todd return and say that they have good news. The women think they are talking about Jasper, but he introduces Karl to the gang after pretending to shoot him as a way of making a dramatic entrance. 

Karl tells jokes to the gang while Tandy asks how he got trapped in there. He tells the gang he was a guard and got trapped in the prison because he could never remember the code to the prison. He uses the real guard's story about how his wife and family died because of the virus and the only other person who survived in the prison with him was a serial killer who ate his victims. Karl keeps emphasizing that he did not like that the serial killer ate people. 

The next morning, Karl says he smells something good when he walks into Gail's room. Gail says it smells bad because she burned herself on her curling iron. Karl was smelling Gail's burning flesh and liked the smell. Gail asks Karl to paint a portrait of her as a gift for Erica's birthday, but Karl says he can't because it brings up painful memories for him.  

Gail puts a bandaid on her burn, but Karl says she doesn't need that because it just needs ice because skin burns quickly. Gail takes the bandaid off, and Karl almost grabs it out of the trash can but stops himself and starts to cry as he leaves the room.

Tandy hears Karl crying and checks on him. Karl says he was just overcome with emotion because he was excited to see a piano again. He says he met his wife at a dueling piano bar. Tandy asks him to play a song for him. Karl plays a song poorly for Tandy. Tandy is confused and suspicious. Karl runs away crying after completing the song.  

Todd asks Melissa if she's ready to go with him, Erica, and Carol to look for Jasper. Melissa says they should stop searching for Jasper because he ran away because they were overbearing last time. 

Todd wants to keep looking for Jasper because he loves Jasper and can't sleep knowing he's out there. Melissa says he'll come back if they stop looking. Todd, Erica, and Carol go out to search without her. 

Karl goes back to the trash can to get the bandaid, but Tandy catches him and asks what he's doing. He says he was taking the trash out. Tandy asks why. Karl says because it's full. Tandy says something is weird about Karl. Karl says it's because he's been trapped in a prison for six years, but Tandy says the virus happened four years ago. 

Karl takes the trash out, and Tandy writes something in his notebook. Tandy goes to the gang and says they have to talk about Karl. Tandy goes over all the weird things about Karl that he's noticed since he joined them. 

Gail and Erica don't think anything is weird. Gail says Tandy is a horrible judge of character so Karl is probably a good guy. Melissa reminds Tandy that he tried to kill Todd at first. Carol reminds him that he didn't like Carol either when they first met. 

Karl is drinking tea, and Tandy asks what he's doing. Tandy says they got off on the wrong foot and wants to start over. Karl says he needs more time before he's ready to let his guard down. Tandy tells him to enjoy the tea. Tandy leaves but watches Karl as he pulls a used bandaid out of the mug of tea and sucks on it. 

Gail is reading her book and icing her finger when Karl comes in and says she's doing it all wrong. He tells her to give him the old cube and get a new cube to cover the whole area. He puts the old ice cube in his mouth while she grabs a new cube. He tells her he's ready to paint again. He tells her he will set up the space. She says she's dying to get started. He says those are famous last words, and she questions why. He quickly leaves to set up his art space. 

Melissa drives the car and drops off a cooler on an overpass. She drives away and Jasper comes out from hiding and grabs it. 

Tandy brings Todd a meal to "apologize" for his overreaction about Karl. It's a platter of used bandaids. Tandy says he cut himself earlier and it wouldn't stop bleeding so he has lots of bandaids. Todd says he won't eat it. Tandy dips one in mustard and eats it. Todd says it's disgusting. Tandy says he saw Karl doing it, and he would normally think it was crazy. Since everyone thought Karl was normal, though, Tandy let it go. Todd asks Tandy what they should do. 

Gail goes to Karl's painting space and asks if Karl is ready. He says he's never been more ready. 

Karl paints Gail and tells her she is a natural. Under his paints in his box, he has knives to kill her. He sees himself in the reflection of a knife and starts crying. He runs out of the room. Gail goes to look at her painting, and it's obviously not what she was expecting. Tandy and Todd come in to see if she has seen Karl. She gestures that he ran out. They hear tires screeching. 

Karl takes the truck and drives away. He comes to a cemetery, parks the car, and gets out. Todd and Tandy follow him and watch him as he digs a hole in the cemetery. Karl opens a grave and starts eating a dead person. Todd and Tandy are shocked, and Tandy vomits.  

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

What's the worst thing a prison guard could find at a wedding? An open bar!


The last thing he needs is us breathing down his neck. That's what drove him away in the first place.

Melissa about Jasper