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The episode starts with the gang watching as Tandy enters the room after Karl's death. Tandy says he killed him. He says he doesn't remember pulling the trigger because his back was still to him. Tandy said when he turned around, he was majorly dead.

Then, he starts taking them through what happened. He keeps pointing the gun at them and they keep jumping back during his story. Tandy turns around to lead the group into the room where Karl died, and his back is covered in blood. 

At Karl's funeral, Gail plays the accordion as Todd sings "Hungry Eyes." After the song ends, Todd moves to stand next to Melissa. Melissa tries to put her arm around him, but he pushes her away. Tandy begins his speech about why they're burying Karl in two different caskets. Each one is to represent a different part of his personality. One symbolizes the put together side and the other side is the was cannibal part of his personality. Tandy tells Lucifer to take care of Karl. 

Carol comes forward and sprinkles Tandy's dandruff and skin flanks over him in case he needs a snack for his journey. Erica comes forward to say she's sorry he had to die, but she couldn't risk him eating her baby. Gail says she's been really happy for the first time since the virus took over, but then she lost that happiness when Karl came. She thanks Tandy for what he did to Karl to help them. She says they all owe him a debt of gratitude. Tandy is overcome with emotion and rips up his notecards. He begins singing "Amazing Grace" with Todd and digging the holes for Karl's caskets. 

That night, Tandy is putting his kids to sleep. Tandy talks to Carol about how Gail was praising him and how shocked they both were by it. Carol says it's a huge breakthrough for Tandy. Carol says if she keeps this up, Gail will go from his mother-in-law to his mother-in-awe. Tandy says it's about being the best Tandy he can be. He asks what happened to him. 

Todd sets up a blanket and pillow on a small chair for Melissa to sleep on. He calls it the "Liar's Chair." Melissa said she didn't like lying to him but that she didn't want them to lose Jasper completely. She kept the secret so that he had a lifeline and a way to get supplies. Todd says he understands and apologizes to her. Then, he asks where Jasper is. She says she can't tell him that. He gets mad again and tells her to sleep on the chair. 

The next morning, Tandy is mopping the floors and cleaning the room where Karl died. The women are surprised by this behavior. He even made them coffee. Gail and Erica are especially confused when Tandy doesn't make sexual jokes like he used to. 

Todd is watching Melissa pack a cooler while he drinks Bud Light Lime. He says he's going with Melissa to see Jasper. He says he won't take no for an answer. Melissa tells him he cannot go with her. 

Tandy blows up balloons to float the dirty diapers away from their house. Gail joins him and helps him tie the balloons. 

Melissa goes to meet Jasper in their spot. Todd is hidden in the back of her car under a blanket. 

Melissa sits with Jasper, and they laugh together. She talks with Jasper and tells them they know her secret. She says everyone is mad at her because they miss him, especially Todd. Todd is watching and listening to them. Melissa says she won't tell them where he is if he doesn't want her to. Instead, she will just keep bringing him Pop Tarts. 

Tandy comes into Gail's room in a suit because he has a "date." He wants to have a drink with his mother-in-law. 

Todd stands by the car and waits for Melissa. Melissa is mad, but he tells her that he realizes that Jasper doesn't trust him like he trusts her. He tells her that she's really good with him. He says it's funny that he wants to be a dad so badly but can't do it while Melissa doesn't want to be a mom but is good with Jasper. Tandy says he's given up on being a dad. He says he can be an uncle and have all of the fun stuff with none of the responsibilities. 

Tandy and Gail drink wine and suck helium out of balloons to give themselves funny voices. Gail says she is having a nice time with Tandy. Tandy says it means a lot to hear her say that. He says they're in a great place right now and he's so happy. Gail asks why he cares what she thinks. He tells her that he's not used to getting the praise because his brother always got it when they were growing up. He says he really likes their friendship. Gail says they're more than just friends after all they've been through and puts her hand on his. Tandy runs away to go back to his wife. 

Carol talks to Gail about her babies and their birthmarks. Tandy comes in and asks if Carol's conversation includes how Gail wants to have sex with him. Gail is confused and has no idea what he's talking about. Tandy tells her that he's married and that there won't be any funny business between them. Gail tells him he's such an idiot and leaves the room. Carol tells him that it sounds like he misunderstood something. 

Melissa finds Todd sitting in their room. He is upset, and Melissa says she's been doing a lot of thinking. She wants Todd to have a baby. She says she's willing to compromise. He starts to take off his pants. She says she's not having a baby. She is just going to be the wife of a man who has a kid. She doesn't want to be a mom. She just wants to be a cool aunt. 

The next morning, Melissa and Todd meet with Erica. 

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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Karl, we send you our thoughts and prayers as you hurdle, screaming on your terrifying to hell. Heck, you’re probably chewing on Bill Cosby’s gall bladder right now and washing it down with a warm cup of diarrhea.


You’ve come a long way since Tuscon, and you know what? I bet if your parents were still alive, they’d be just as proud of you as I am.