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The episode opens with Carol shaving Glenn's hair down since he has been stranded on an island for five years. 

Glenn is now driving the yacht. He says it will take a week for them to get to Mexico because Pamela being on the raft is slowing them down. Glenn says they will go faster if they move her into the yacht. 

Gail wants to go back to the island for her forgotten sunglasses. The rest of the gang doesn't want to go until they realize that they left Jasper on the island.  

The gang agrees to let Pamela on the ship, after convincing Carol. Carol does not trust Pamela since she kidnapped Tandy. 

Pamela says she will be the lowest of the lows, the wait staff on the ship, if the group lets her back onto the ship.  

Jasper is now back on the yacht. The group is eating dinner, and Pamela comes in to ask if anyone wants a foot rub or massage. 

The group is not amused by Pamela and do not want to forgive her.  

Later that night, Pamela is scrubbing the deck of the ship. Glenn brings her food to eat, and Pamela is confused because no one else is treating her kindly. 

Glenn tells Pamela that he was a single dad. Pamela wants to know about his kids so he tells her. 

Pamela tells Glenn that it's risky for him to talk to her and that he can start barking orders if someone comes over to them. Glenn says he won't do that and wants to be nice to her.

Pamela and Glenn kiss, and then they have sex on a couch. 

The next morning, Pamela asks Carol and Gail if they need their hair combed. They say no, but Gail asks Pamela.

Pamela tries to say that it was Glenn yelling chores at her to do. Carol and Gail don't buy it. We find out that they had sex multiple times. Carol and Gail ask them to keep it down next time. 

Later that day, Pamela is washing windows, and Glenn comes up to her to kiss her. Glenn wants her to come with him to a party the gang is having. 

Pamela doesn't want to go because she wasn't invited. Glenn says he doesn't want to go to the party if he can't bring his girlfriend, and Pamela agrees to go with him. 

Glenn and Pamela enter the party, and the group stops partying.

Jasper calls for Glenn. They've finally reached shore, and Todd is excited because the sand is so white. However, it's not white sand he sees. It's dead bodies from the virus. 

This is Glenn's first encounter with the body count of the virus. Pamela asks if he is okay, and Glenn orders her to go get his bags. She does but is confused by his request. 

Glenn breaks down in tears on the beach. 

Todd is overly happy to be on the land and doesn't seem as upset about the bodies as everyone else is. Melissa looks worried about him. 

Pamela brings Glenn his bags, and Glenn asks her to wait by the road.  

Glenn goes to a motel, with Pamela bringing his bags behind him. He tells Pamela to leave him alone and slams the door in her face. 

Carol takes Tandy to a hospital to be their new home.

Tandy isn't impressed, but Carol says she has lots of decorating ideas and it will be good for when she goes into labor. She says that first, they need to get rid of the bodies. Then, they can use medical supplies to decorate. 

Tandy says he loves that Carol can find beauty in the crap of the world. 

Carol sees Pamela crying on the bench outside. She wants to go to talk with Pamela.  

Later that night, Todd gives a toast and is clearly pretending to be happy about their new home. 

Pamela comes in for dinner, but Glenn tells her to go away. Carol comes in and says she invited Pamela to dinner. 

Carol says that even though Pamela is a bad person, they can't give up on her. She asks the group to give her another chance. Glenn says he doesn't want to give her a second chance. 

Pamela asks what's wrong with Glenn because his disgust with her is so sudden. 

Pamela wants to know why he's trying so hard to make her hate him, and he says he loves her and is treating her like this because he's leaving tomorrow. 

Pamela confronts Glenn to ask why he's leaving. He's going home because he's upset that his kids went through this without him. He wants to see if they're alive.

Pamela tells him there's radiation everywhere and he will probably die. Glenn says it wasn't Pamela that caused him to leave. 

In a chapel, Todd is sitting in silence when Melissa comes in. Melissa comes in to help him, and she tells Todd that they didn't film the final scene of The Shawshank Redemption in Zihuatanejo. 

Todd is upset about this because that is why he wanted to come to Zihuatanejo. He begins crying in the chapel and screaming about how mad he is at everyone except for Melissa. 

Todd explains that he wanted Zihuatanejo to be perfect for Melissa, but she says that as long as she's with him, any place is perfect. 

The next morning, Glenn is packing up a car and saying goodbye to the crew. Pamela didn't come to say goodbye to him. 

He asks the gang to tell Pamela that he will miss her, but she says he won't because she's coming with him. She doesn't want anyone to be alone anymore. 

Pamela and Glenn say goodbye to the gang and drive away. 

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