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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 2 begins with Tandy trying to escape the ropes Pamela used to trap him in the yacht.  

Pamela comes into the room. She is singing and about to feed Tandy corn. Tandy lets her know that he is mad at her, but she explains Stockholm syndrome to him. 

She makes it known that it's her mission for Tandy to develop Stockholm syndrome and for him to fall in love with her. Tandy says that will never happen. Once he knows what Stockholm Syndrome is, Tandy formulates a plan to trick her. 

The rest of the gang has made it on to the deserted island. They hear something in the trees, and Todd goes to check it out. A man tells him to "stop right there." 

Todd stops, and the man grabs his face through the trees. Todd then disappears through trees. The gang wonders where he went, but then, a man runs out of the trees. He wants to touch everyone's faces. 

The man on the island, Glenn, is excited to see them. He thinks they are there to rescue him and that he can go home. He wants to know when their boat is coming back. 

Back on the yacht, Tandy is talking to his volleyball, Gary, and acting insane to try to convince Pamela that he has Stockholm syndrome. He tells Gary he will continue to pretend he hates Pamela, and Pamela overhears. 

On the island, Glenn gives the gang a tour of his campsite. He has a sex doll he modeled after Eva Mendes. The gang says she was a beautiful woman. Glenn wants to know what they mean by "was." 

Glenn doesn't know about the virus that killed everyone. 

On the boat, Tandy is seducing Pamela and singing "Sailing" by Christopher Cross to her. Pamela joins in, appearing to fall for Tandy's trick. They kiss, but then Pamela says there's no chance she bought any of his act. 

Pamela puts her gun to Tandy and tells him no more games. 

We then see Tandy talking to himself and saying everything reminds him of Carol. He decides he needs something razor sharp to cut through ropes. He remembers his toe nails are extra long and decides to use them.

On the island, the gang begins telling Glenn about the virus but stops because Glenn begins telling them about his family. He explains how excited he is to get back into his house and see his kids.

Tandy gets out of his ropes and is sneaking around the yacht while Pamela reads a book. Tandy tries to get her gun by tricking her into leaving it behind, but she grabs it. 

Tandy puts her dog Jeremy over the side of the yacht and threatens to kill him or eat him unless Pamela hands over her gun. Pamela does to keep Jeremy safe. 

Tandy grabs the gun and says he's going back to Carol, but the island is no longer in sight of yacht.  

 On the island, Glenn asks Carol how she is. Carol is depressed and doesn't think they will be rescued. Glenn tells her not to give up hope. He says he should have given up years ago but never did. 

Glenn says he has signal fire, and Carol wants to light it for Tandy. He wants to save the fire for when someone else comes to rescue them.

Carol tries to tell him that no one else will come rescue him. He doesn't understand until Carol explains that won't happen because the virus killed everyone else. 

On the ship, Pamela talks to Jeremy and wants to know what they've become. 

It's night on the island now, and Glenn is staring at ocean and thinking. Carol says she is sorry for taking away his hope. Glenn agrees to start the signal fire. 

Jeremy begins barking, alerting Pamela to the signal fire. She grabs Tandy to show him the fire, and Tandy knows it's Carol. 

The next morning, Carol wakes up on the island. She sees the yacht coming back for them. Tandy reunites with the gang. Pamela is also there, but the gang is obviously mad at her. 

The group wants to leave her behind on the island. Pamela says she understands why they want to leave her but she wants them to take her dog since he didn't do anything wrong.

The gang agrees. Pamela goes to say goodbye to Jeremy, but he runs away from her immediately.

Glenn doesn't want to leave her because she won't have any hope of being rescued. Carol feels guilty about leaving her. She agrees that Pamela can come but on one condition. She has to be tugged in the lifeboat behind the yacht. 

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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Jeremy, I knew I shouldn't have given you that bowl of wine.


Pamela: No more games. Do you hear me?
Tandy: Loud and clear...and wet from urine.