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The episode begins with Mike looking at the heat signature he found while Tandy and Carol sing "Can't Find this Feeling" on the karaoke machine. Carol is distracted by the "beautiful" highlighting of the words on the screen. She then begins singing it to the tune of Jingle Bells. Tandy is frustrated that she will not sing it to the right tune. He says karaoke isn't the same without Mike. He is worried about Mike because he won't come out of his truck. Tandy leaves Carol to read the words on the screen while he goes to make a snack. 

Todd begins painting a nursery for the baby. He has picked yellow. Erica asks if he thought about blue. Todd says it is leaning more towards one gender too heavily. Erica says the yellow is leaning heavily towards urine. They begin arguing about the color. She tells him to relax and wants him to make decisions with her if they're going to co-parent. Erica suggests going with green for the nursery since it combines both of their favorite colors. 

The gang sits eating a snack that Carol has prepared. She has made fake guacamole, with noncooked pasta as the chips. The gang is upset by the lack of food, and Carol says that Gail and Melissa were supposed to go on the last supply run. Mike comes in, and Tandy asks if he was looking at his blobs again. Tandy tells the group that Mike has a machine that can show them heat signatures. Mike tells him he saw something he's never seen anything like it before. He says the temperature is about 100 degrees, which is close to the human body temperature. The group is shocked by the idea that it could be people. Mike says he will find out tomorrow. Tandy asks what he means, and Mike says he is leaving. Tandy leaves the table. 

Mike asks Tandy what is wrong, and Tandy is upset that he is leaving. Mike says he has to see what this heat signature is. Tandy says it is too dangerous alone. Mike tells Tandy to join him, but Tandy says he can't leave Carol right now. He begs Mike not to go and Mike agrees not to. 

Carol meets with Melissa and Gail to show her a map of the markets in a 50 mile radius. The markets near them do not have any more food so she tells them to go to an area outside the radius to look for food. 

Gail and Melissa sit outside, and Gail is drinking wine. She asks Melissa how long they need to be gone, and Melisa says 5 hours. Melissa tells Gail to pull and Melissa tries shooting targets. Gail suggests going to one store so they can honestly say they tried, but Melissa says they shouldn't. 

At night, Mike sneaks out to his truck and finds Tandy lying under his truck. Tandy says he is keeping Mike honest, and he is upset that Mike lied to him. Tandy tells him again that it's too dangerous. Mike reminds him that he orbitted the earth so he can handle driving around for a few days before returning the gang. Mike says he will run over him if he doesn't move. The two yell at each other for a while, and Mike says he is going to run over Tandy. Mike yells that he is going to do it, but he can't bring himself to do it. Mike turns off the truck, gets out, and goes back to the house. 

The next morning, Mike greets Tandy, who is digging in the fireplace, and asks what he's doing. Tandy says he is cleaning out the fireplace. Mike asks Tandy if he knows where his keys are. Tandy says he doesn't. Mike says he realized that Tandy was right last night, and he thanks him for talking sense into him. Tandy thinks he is lying to get his keys back. 

Todd walks into Erica's room with a brown onesie. He asks Erica is she likes it, and Erica says no. Gail and Melissa come in at that moment and ask which one of them took the supplies they worked so hard to get. Erica asks them how many stores they went to, and they reply with different numbers. Erica asks if they are sticking with this story, and they both say it is literally what happened. Todd is crying, and Erica asks if he is okay. He says he feels like he is being lied to, and it is really hurting his heart. He says that Erica is bringing a life into this world and she needs supplies for the baby. He asks if they are telling the truth. Gail and Melissa tell them the truth. Todd sends them out to get supplies. They leave, and Todd starts laughing at how his plan worked. 

Outside, Mike is rolling around in an inflatable human hamster wheel. He is being a bowling ball and trying to knock down mannequin bowling pins. He and Tandy then play the game together. They joke around with each other, and they are acting like the brothers they were before their fight. 

That night, Tandy takes Mike to look at the twins. He says he can't believe that he did that. Mike says he should get to bed. Later, Tandy goes downstairs with a flashlight and sees Mike looking in the fireplace for his keys. He asks Mike if he is still going to go. Mike says he is. Tandy says anytime he shows up in his life, Mike leaves quickly. He wonders if Mike doesn't like him. Mike says it is hard for him to be around Tandy because he is jealous of him. He wants what Tandy has, a wife and kids, which is all he has ever wanted. All he has is a blob on a computer screen. He says he knows it's not people, but he needs to check it out for himself. Mike tells Tandy he is leaving in the morning, and if Tandy loves him, he will let him go. 

The next morning, Tandy is waiting outside Mike's truck. He is there to wish Mike a safe trip, and he wants to give him something. He is coming with him. Mike asks about Carol and the kids. Tandy says Carol said he could go. A montage to "Falling Slowly" begins to play as we see Mike shave the rest of Tandy's hair, including his eyebrows. He left one little rat tail in the back. They put his cut off hair on a mannequin so the twins won't know he is gone. Carol gives him some stick on eyebrows before he goes. 

Todd walks into the nursery and sees Erica painting the room yellow. He had gotten blue paint to surprise Erica. They decide to do the walls in yellow and the trim in blue. 

Tandy joins Mike in the truck and says he got Mike some lemonade before the trip. Mike doesn't drink it because he knows it is pee. Then the two start singing "Can't Fight this Feeling" as they drive away.

Todd is in the nursery trying to hang something up when he hammers a hole into the wall because it is not made well. He starts digging in the hole and realizes there is a dead person in the wall. 

The Last Man on Earth
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The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

I was just distracted by the beautiful word highlighting!


Gail: Think that we should go to at least one store so we can honestly say we tried to look for supplies?
Melissa: No. Pull!