Melanie Lynskey as Kathleen
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Joel and Ellie are on the road and have a conversation.

Joel tells Ellie that his plan is to get her to Tommy, who will know more about how to get her to the Fireflies.

Ellie is clearly a bit upset about it but tries to hide it.

She goes in the back of the car and starts looking everywhere for anything.

She finds a dirty magazine and Joel is shocked. After a comical scene, she throws it out the window.

They go somewhere to sleep over, and Ellie makes a joke to Joel, but he already knows all about it.

Ellie makes a comment about the bad guys, prompting Joel to stay up most of the night and keep watch.

Ellie is a bit shocked when she wakes up to something cooking. It's coffee.

It smells like "burnt shit" to her and Joel tells her that usually it's fresher but that's all Bill had.

Ellie is reading maps and they find themselves caught up at cars and no way through the city.

When they decide to go around, someone appears on the road wanting help but Joel is too smart for this.

The person starts shooting at them and they crash. Joel manages to kill most of them while Ellie hides out.

One of the men almost kills Joel but Ellie appears in time and shoots the gun.

Joel then stabs the man. He's pissed at Ellie but knows it's not the time or the place so they try to escape.

We meet Kathleen who is talking to someone from Fedra. He was there when Kathleen was born but she's annoyed about the way everyone has been treated.

She leaves him locked up and goes out to her people and hears that more of them have been killed.

Kathleen says that this has Henry written all over it and her people have to find Henry and kill him and anyone helping him.

She marches back into the container and shoots the man in cold blood.

Kathleen speaks to one of her men who tells her she may not be making the best decisions, and they find a part of a building with infected all below. The ground is shaking.

She says they'll deal with that another day.

Ellie and Joel manage to evade people at every turn and Joel realizes it's probably a good time to tell Ellie how to use the gun.

She's thankful.

They find somewhere safe to sleep, and Joel smashes all the glass and puts it all around where they are sleeping.

Ellie is confused but Joel says it's too hear anything -- or anyone -- so they aren't surprised in the night.

Ellie tells Joel a joke and they go to sleep, but Joel is awoken by Ellie shouting. Sam and Henry are aiming guns at them.




The Last of Us
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The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Ellie: Do you know that diarrhea is hereditary?
Joel: What?
Ellie: It runs in your jeans.

I'm 56 years old, you little shit.