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When Rachel and her research are threatened, Chandler uses some dangerous strategic maneuvering.  

The Russian ship is run by an admiral. He wants the primordial strain of the virus and Dr. Scott, as well as all of her research. Chandler says he has no idea what he's talking about, and even if he did, he doesn't take orders from this dude. Chandler promises to have a good discussion with the admiral.

Chandler goes to Rachel to find out who else might have the strain. He wants to take Quincy with him to the Russian ship. The crew goes and Quincy eyes the admiral with recognition, then tests their blood for infection.

While Chandler is on board, Slattery notices the Russians are mining the bay. If they don't hear from the captain in an hour, he's unloading on the ship.

Chandler tells the admiral that they have no interest in keeping the virus for themselves. The admiral shares a story about the world and how it went wild while Chandler was playing war games in the arctic. It's not a world worth saving. The admiral says they can't create a vaccine without an ingredient on his ship, and Chandler offers a sample of the virus. The admiral turns it down.

Quincy cannot believe his offer to join the Russians is turned down, as well.

To prove how crazy he is, the admiral shoots one of his men. One mouth less to feed.

Rachel assures Chandler the admiral is bluffing about having something she needs.

Bertram and Smith go out in a small sub to check out the water, but they are shot upon and Danny loses contact. Two less mouths to feed.

Chandler sends the admiral a warning. Stand down or he's firing upon his men in the water. The admiral caves. He'll move his ship, but only gives him 24 hours to hand over Rachel.

In the lab, Quincy holds Rachel at gunpoint and attempts to take her off the ship. He wants her to jump. She hesitates just long enough for them to be spotted. She runs like hell. In the mess hall it's two guns to one and he puts down the sample, opening it. He threatens to open it and kill everyone on the ship. Rachel isn't going anywhere. Quincy says they promised him they won't hurt her. She calls his bluff and he hands over the vial.

Rachel cannot believe he was talking to the Russians all this time. They've been partners for 10 years. Quincy's excuse is that his daughter is a prisoner on the Russian ship. A friend of Quincy's on the ship has been killed and his family taken as hostages.

Quincy has a very hot wife, who is now sharing drinks with the admiral. He has enjoyed their time together and apparently wants to continue to do so.

The crew prepares to go through a small canal at high tide. Kara is sent as a female presence is required and Danny won't let her go without him. Chandler allows it.

The admiral gives his own crew some BS speech about being masters of this new world.

The ship needs to blast the coral, but they need a diversion from Danny and Kara. Their boat is wired with explosives and they jump off as it careens into the Russian ship. Torpedoes follow to blast the coral. It works. No hull damage.

After their ship is taking on water, the Russians could still fire on the ship, but the admiral realizes he's been had. The ship is no longer there.

Danny blames Kara for their near failure when it was his because he loves her.

Chandler asks Quincy if there was a backup plan. He also blasts into Quincy for taking the world's fate into his hands by not asking for help. Quincy wants to know what Chandler would have done in his place. Chandler has no answer.

The admiral checks in with an American scientist on the ship. He was the one who wanted Rachel. For some reason, he breathes on one of his mice as the credits roll. Is he the cure?


The Last Ship
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