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When Rachel needs help with her vaccine trials, Chandler and a small team end up in the jungles of Nicaragua. 

Chandler isn't excited about the idea of experimenting on monkeys, but Garnett points out it's better than humans.

Tex runs into Rachel working out and wonders why she's never topside. She thinks nobody wants her around because of the lies she had to tell in the arctic. He thinks she underestimates the capacity of people to forgive.

Chandler records a video diary for his wife and family. 

Slattery picks up distress calls from Nicaragua and reports it won't be easy to get their monkeys.

The team splits up once on the island.

Rachel is not interested in protocol when she learns they may have to wait 48 hours to send a rescue crew.

Chandler, Slattery and the met are with El Toro. One of the men is poisoned in a trap and needs the cure or he'll die before they get back to the ship.

Tex and Rachel discuss the virtues of Mark Twain.

It's difficult for Chandler and Slattery to dine with El Toro knowing the local people he "protects" had to give up their tents and their freedom to him.

The mayor's daughter calls El Toro a pig. She wants help. 

El Toro gives them monkeys. They've been eating them for months. Yuck.

El Toro threatens Chandler when he realizes the green flare means good and the red means danger. Garnett sees the green flare and assumes all is well.

The mayor's daughter is to be taken across the river for sassing El Toro.


The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

So how is it you made all your money? I'm guessin' it wasn't ladies' handbags.


I think you underestimate people's capacity for forgiveness, or maybe you just find it too hard to forgive yourself.