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With Chandler and Tex in trouble, Slattery assumes the role of commanding officer and must come up with a plan to save the Captain. 

Chandler is being treated to breakfast with Quincy's wife and the Russian commander, and not at all in the mood to play along.

Bertrice meets the man who was responsible for saving her.

Ruskov taunts Slattery.

Rachel has the vaccine.

Tex and Chandler reach into their arsenal of escape movie knowledge to try to figure out their circumstances.

Rachel arrives on the ship and is searched. Her life vest contained a tracking device. 

Rachel greets Chandler with a passionate kiss. Exchanging something?

Rachel meets Neil Sorenson, the man in the plastic bubble. He almost admits that it was all his fault. He added the human gene, weaponizing the virus.

Rachel calls him Patient Zero! Hurray! 

Rachel gives a Russian the vaccine. Ruskov wants to test it and tosses the poor bastard into the plastic bubble where Sorenson does the freaky breathy thing like he did on the DEAD mice.

Tex and Chandler start their escape.

The infected Russian isn't doing so well.

Chandler stops by to rescue Kelly and Ava Tophet.

Rachel hedges her bets by saying she needs to deliver a second part of the vaccine. Instead she reaches for a gun. She can't get the silencer on, but shoots anyway. Tex is impressed with her handiwork.

Ruskov promises nobody will get off his ship, but I think he's mistaken.

Everyone gets away and Sorenson is walking the hallways in a sailor uniform.

Cossetti dies. Of course.




The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Russian: Hey! No talk! Or I kiss your ass.
Tex: You mean KICK my ass!
Russian: Just shut up your head, OK?

I have the vaccine. The money survived. The last damned monkey!