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Arriving in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to collect supplies, the crew finds themselves under attack. 

The Russian (Quincy!) is talking to his people on the phone. They're heading to Guantanamo Bay! He wants to go off ship this time, in an attempt to stall.

The sailors are practicing shooting in anticipation for the landing at Gitmo.

Danny and Kara are having a difficult time staying on the same page in light of the tragic events.

Chandler has a memorial session topside to allow the sailors to share their worries and prayers for their loved ones.

Dogs cannot get the virus. other animals can, but they cannot transmit it to humans. Birds were the original carriers, but several mutations later we have one for humans that is killing mankind.

Slattery isn't falling in line and gets a talking to about it. He's just not as sure as Chandler that Scott can make the vaccine.

For some reason, upon reaching Gitmo, the crew asks, "where is everybody."

Chandler keeps both doctors from storming Gitmo and Scott worries that Slattery won't carry on if Chandler's compromised.

For some reason (there are a lot of these), all of the cars on Guantanamo are strewn about with their doors and trunks open.

Quincy is caught trying to poison the ship, but he worms his way out of it with a story about his room being too cold.

A man runs screaming -- he's an American, get the hell back! An armored vehicle blows up. Chandler has lost his mask.

Scott looks suspiciously at Quincy.

Al Qaeda is on the island. Subcontractors were in charge of the island. They thought with the world upside down they could let them go. They turned on them.

With the fuel valve stuck, Al Qaeda strikes.

One of the last living contractors is strung up outside the food warehouse. His throat was slit.

Target team is still inside the hospital, running out of air and being overtaken by hostiles.

Chandler tries to talk down Al Qaeda but it's not working.

Tex is asked on board. When they get back to the ship, Quincy is suggesting they need to stick around three or four hours. Uh huh.

A British ship is coming around and asks for help with food. Chandler welcomes them on to Gitmo.

Danny breaks when he tries to get Ben's stuff ready for his family, because there is nobody to give it to.

While Slattery hopes they serve Guinness on board, Ganderson says it can't be confirmed as British. The Russian's speak -- they believe the USS Nathan James has something they want.


The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

We understand orders. We follow them every day.


Yeah, and while she was talking to home every week, we didn't even get a chance to warn our families. We're just supposed to get over that?