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The ship's propulsion system is in danger of breaking down, putting Chandler's leadership to the test. 

Flashback: Chandler is at home with his family, breaking the news with them of how long he'll be gone. They give him photos, a bracelet and a mix CD. 

It's Chandler's anniversary. He's in the radio room hoping Darien might be looking for him on her father's ham radio.

The sailors are playing basketball and their last ball goes overboard.

The ship is headed toward Costa Rica. Something Rachel needs can be found there.

There are problems in the bowels of the ship. She's not purring.

Tex can't believe they've been on the ship so long. He sees a Kara come out a door, "she is tasty dude." Danny tells him there's no fraternizing. Tex wants to visit Rachel, she's a civilian.

Rachel has a photo of her and her boyfriend on her computer. She needs Quincy to do her analysis. Chandler doesn't want to allow him. Rachel doesn't think the ship's doctor is going to cut it. Rachel goes to see Quincy.

Rachel and Quincy argue, she can't even look at him. While she's telling Chandler to deal with him, power goes out. If they don't get power they'll lose everything. There is a fire in the bowels of the ship. All hell is breaking loose.

As Rachel is putting everything into coolers, the electricity comes back. Chandler restricts everything, showering, etc., to keep power. He sends Slattery to Quincy.

Slattery tells Quincy about what sea captains used to do when there was a particularly bad guy on ship. They dragged him along the side and then they cooperated. Slattery can think of about 200 people who would like to do that just off the top of his head. Quincy says Chandler wouldn't allow it.

Quincy says he can't be forced back into the lab. Slattery reminds him that anyone who can't pull their weight will be tossed. Quincy wants sunlight and someone to play chess with.

There's no way for the ship to make clean water and they're already low because they were worried the last they encountered was contaminated.

If they go without water until the ship is fixed, there will be two days even under the best rationing that they are without water. On Day 3 people start to die. The crew starts opening canned goods to find their supply. They even start making water out of beer.

They eventually have to stop the ship to keep it from overheating. Of course, they're nearing Costa Rica and the temperatures are extreme.

Rachel is happy with the results Quincy gets.

Flashback: Chandler is thinking about his family again. 

Rachel has a vaccine prototype. It's time to test. In the meantime they have to toss everything overboard to cool it off.

Chandler is hoping for wind. 

For some reason, Jeter takes this moment to tell Chandler that he killed his family in a car accident. He even coded seven times. Faith got him through. He's here for a reason. They all are and their journey does not end here.

As Jeter directs the crew in prayer, the wind picks up and they launch chutes to drag the ship.

The ship puts out a distress signal. They've been without water for two days, but the chutes are still going. Jeter has 10 men down. He suggests they stand down all essential watch positions.

Tex catches the subtext between Danny and Kara when she joins them to swelter it out.

Seagulls are spotted. Birds mean land. The crew rejoices.

On the island, the crew celebrates on the beach. Chung is still in the bowls trying to fix the Nathan James. Chandler delivers him some fresh pineapple.

Danny is still pining for Kara. 

Chandler is still listening for Darien. Rachel comes to thank him for believing in her. She knows he could have docked at Norfolk and gone back to his family.


The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

There's still a chance, Mike. For all of us.


Jeter: You are here to lead us and we are here to follow, to execute your vision.
Chander: I don't have vision.
Jeter: Yes you do.