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As Mitchener is moved by Sean's men, Chandler, Bavis, and Burk watch. Bavis thinks that he may be being held against his will, and Chandler decides they will liberate him from Sean's control. 

Wolf keeps on eye on the rest of the team from a rooftop. Danny checks in with the Nathan James and Wolf, they decide on on exit rally site. Danny and Tex continue to infiltrate Sean's men.

Ned is concerned that the Achilles has not made contact. Sean care more about the his plans for America. Chandler eavesdrops as Sean sends Ned off with Neils.

Slattery and a crew member look for a place to safely park the Nathan James in order to get the helicopter to the rally point.

Burk pokes around the kitchens while Baviscozies up to a security guard by the pool. 

Danny explores the area where supplies are being stored and spies Sorensen conducting experiments.

Chandler watches Mitchener interact with a crowd and realizes he might believe Sean's rhetoric. 

Bavis found out that Mitchener is going to be moved, Burk thinks his exfiltration plan will still work. Chandler points out that Mitchener not be cooperative. 

The crew on the sub crew debates their next move. 

Rachel tests her aerosolized cure on mice. 

Ned takes Sorensen out for testing, and Tex and Danny join the convoy accompanying them.

As Mitchener walks through a crowd, Burk and Chandler incite a riot, allowing Chandler to "save" Mitchener and gain his trust. After an tense interview with Sean, he is appointed to Mitchener's security team. 

Burk nurses a broken nose. Bavis kisses him as a distraction as she sets it.

Tex and Danny discuss Sorensen, and which of them would be more memorable to him.

The crew on the Achilles is still fighting over what to do.

Jeter wants to take Rachel off the ship before they send the helo in, but Slattery remind him that she isn't safe anywhere.

Mitchener practices a speech, expressing self-doubt to Chandler, who suggests some fresh air. 

Sorensen's convoy arrives at a trailer park. He opens the truck to show a box of teddy bears. Ned refuses to take an infected bear into the park, and asks for a volunteer. Danny offers, but Ned sends two lackeys along with him. 

Rachel assesses the problem with her aerosolized cure.

Security clears the courtyard around the pool for Mitchener. 

Sorensen recognizes Tex, who tries to blackmail Sorensen into keeping his identity secret. Wolf has spotted three unknown men from afar. Danny approaches a girl, but tells her to run. The lackeys go to chase her, pulling their guns, but Danny takes them out. Tex turns on Sorensen, taking him hostage and getting him shot. Tex throws Sorensen in the back of the van, and peals out, stopping only to pick up Danny. 

The Achilles has decided to pursue what the believe is the Nathan James. The Nathan James goes quiet and keeps her course, but prepares missiles just in case.

Chandler is calmly walking Mitchener out when a guard rushes up to them. Chandler convinces them to have exit through the back. Bavis and Burk head to the kitchens.

Slattery wants to launch the helicopter, but that can't be done without giving up their position until they are in the mouth of the river.

After a fight in the kitchen, Chandler gets Mitchener out with Bavis and Burk's help. Mitchener is not fully cooperative. They steal a truck and head to the rally point. 

The Achilles pursues the Nathan James, rising to the surface and going active sonar. 

Sean gets the news about the crews sabotage, and orders the Nathan James destroyed.

The Achilles prepares to fire, but the lose the Nathan James before she is in range. Slattery orders the helo launched, and the Special Forces Unit convenes at the rally point, along with their hostages, Sorensen and Mitchener. Danny blows up the van with the rest of Sorensen's infected teddy bears. As the helicopter lands, Sean's men arrive.

Danny saved one of the teddy bears to show to Rachel. Sorensen looks to be touch and go.

Ned complains to Sean about his misguided plan, upsetting his brother further. 

After an outburst from Mitchener, Chandler and Slattery discuss how they'll need to convince him to see the truth of Sean Ramsey. 



The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

This country needs a leader almost as much as it needs a cure.

CDR Tom Chandler

You are special, young man. You were chosen. Like all of us.

President Jeff Michener