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Michener is brought onto the Nathan James, protesting along the way as crew members watch.

Chandler fills Rachel in on the situation with Niels, and states his intention to deprogram the president.

The  officers watch pre-plague footage Michener, and outline the plan to deprogram him.

Slattery shows Michener a video of the former Speaker of the House, which details her instructions as president to distribute the cure. Chandler watches Michener's reaction to this and other videos from Comms. Slattery shows him the cure, and shares the trials the crew has faced in attempting to distribute it. Michener is clearly disturbed by the video of Dr. Hunter's death. Slattery leaves him with more files to view. However, Michener pulls out his own flash drive and proceeds to watch Sean Ramsey's videos instead.

Slattery thinks that Michener is a lost cause for conversion and wants to use harsher interrogation techniques, while Jeter argues to stay the course. Chandler interrupts Michener's videos for a cup of coffee, and removes the laptop. He asks Michener if he believes that they have the cure, and points out that Michener's policies are not consistent with standing orders and foreign policy. He asks Michener to convince him of his position. The president shares his story, with Chandler challenging Ramsey's intentions at every step.

Slattery, Jeter, and Chandler analyze the information Michener let slip, and attempt to plan accordingly. Chandler confides to Jeter that he thinks he may have lost Michener while going after the intel.

Chandler visits Michener and shares the story of his wife's death in an attempt to connect to the president. 

The ship intercepts a FM broadcast warning citizens against the Nathan James' cure and inciting them to violent resistance.

While Chandler goes over Michener's files, the president suffers a breakdown as he remembers his children. Chandler notices that Michener's son went to Florida separately from the rest of the family, and that he left Ann Arbor just before the Red Flu struck. Chandler goes in search of the president, but he's left his quarters. Tex is standing outside the head. Chandler breaks down the door to find Michener in a pool of his own blood -- he has cut his wrists on a piece of sharp metal. As Rios works on Michener, Chandler argues to Slattery that they need the president now more than ever.

Chandler is by Michener's bedside when he awakes. He confronts him about his son and the outbreak in the safe zone. Michener admits to killing his daughters -- he smothered them once they started to show symptoms so they wouldn't suffer. Chandler suggests that supporting the Nathan James in it's quest to disseminate the cure could be his redemtion.

Michener debriefs the officers on Ramsey's organization. He tells them about the damage to the submarine, and postulates that the Immune number in the thousands or tens of thousands in America. but he doesn't know how they were communicating. He surrenders the flash drive. Rachel shows him the bear that Sorensen was using to infect children. He seems committed to the Nathan James' cause. Chandler promises that their conversation was confidential before taking him to new quarters. 




The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I understand why you'd be looking for meaning...wanting all of this to somehow be fate..or destiny. For it all not to just be terrible, tragic...and random. I do understand.

CDR Chandler

Tex: Said he had to take a leak.
CDR Chandler: Mr. President?
Tex: Or maybe he's doing the other thing. He's the president. What are you going to do?