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Mike and his fellow officers witness Takehaya and his team clearing out their basecamp, and realize the Nathan James must be close to finding them.

Aboard the Nathan James, Sasha and Alisha tell Tom they ruled out two more islands where Takehaya may be holding the hostages.  Sasha tries to reassure Tom that they'll find the missing crew members, but he reminds her that the pirate knows they're searching for him.

Tom realizes that the ship's picking up the frequency off of a radio broadcast antenna that's secretly being sent off by Lieutenant Commander Andrea Garnett. Tom wants to pursue the lead, but Sasha is wary that it's a trap from Takehaya.

Jacob meets with President Michener, who confirms off the record that the Nathan James is searching for the hostages. The leader also tells Jacob that if he doesn't report the news until the crisis is over, he'll receive the first update. If Jacob immediately reports the news, however, he'll never be granted access to the White House again.

Takehaya discovers, and cuts off, the antenna signal that Andrea set up, and changes plans. Alisha tells Tom and his crew who arrive at the island to proceed with caution. The officers discover the pirates' campsite, where Mike and his team are being kept hidden by the pirates.

Tom and his team are shot at by Takehaya and his men. Tom and the rest of his crew fire back at the pirates, who are using tunnels to camouflage themselves.

P.O.W. Seaman Apprentice Ray Diaz finds Tom and Sasha, and leads them to the rest of the kidnapped officers. Tom and his team engage in battle against Takehaya and his men. After Tom determines the enemy is neutralized, he decides to search for Takehaya, who appears to be the only pirate who escaped.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Tom: It's a message from our people.
Sasha: Or it's a trap. There's a reason why Takehaya's a legend.

When the time is right, we sink that ship.