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Tex is being held hostage by Rebecca Price, one of the regional leaders. She discovers that Kara called him and asked for help.

President Oliver argues with Allison over his latest speech, as he feels it's a national self destruct order. She tells the Commander-in-Chief to read the speech word-for-word, or she'll have him killed.

Kara wants Jacob to give a news report that counters President Oliver's speech. Jacob expresses regret over contributing to President Michener's downfall.

Tex escaped from his captors, so they target Kara and Jacob. Tex arrives just after the shoot out.

Tex informs Kara that while he was gone, he willingly helped Roberta calm the riots in her region at first. But then the regional leaders began increasing their security to benefit their own goals.

The Nathan James crew launch their attack against Peng. The last Chinese destroyer is under American control, and the last anit-virus missiles are on board. Tom allows Takehaya to remain in Japan to die.

Jacob interrupts President Oliver's speech, and reminds him of the admirable work he has done. The commander-in-chief agrees with the reporter. Tex shoots several Secret Service officers. Tex, his daughter, Kathleen, and Kara get away with the president, while Jacob is taken hostage by the Secret Service.

Joseph tells Tom that he's been right about their government. The Nathan James crew, Kara, Tex, Kathleen and President Oliver listen as Allison gives a speech, while Jacob is killed by the Secret Service. She places the blame of President Michener and Alex's deaths on a radical group that infiltrated the government. She also states that President Oliver tried to create a dictatorship, and that Tom was part of the plan, so he's under arrest. Allison also reveals that with the support of the regional leaders, she's suspending the government.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Tom: Make no mistake: we're going after a target who's clearly anticipating us. If one part of this mission fails, it all fails.

If the last presidential power I have is a choice over what I wear, I'm wearing the brown suit.

President Oliver