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With Allison, Alex and Kara by his side, President Michener announces during a televised press conference that he has ordered all United States Naval Forces to evacuate from Asia. He also assures the country that efforts are being negotiated to release the hostages, but details will remain classified.

Jacob questions the American president about whether he's telling the truth this time, as he points out he's kept other details about the kidnapping a secret. Kara intercepts Jacob's questioning with a disappointed look.

Tom and his crew aboard the Nathan James try to leave the dangerous Asian waters they're trapped in as they proceed to where they believe Mike and his team are being held hostage. He reminds his crew that people only utilize weapons when they're trying to hide something, so they must be close to finding Mike and his crew.

As Mike and his team perform manual labor for Takehaya, the pirate informs the captain that he's working on obtaining his next prize-the Nathan James. Mike then witnesses Takehaya's team unveiling a missile.

Tom, Danny and Wolf prepare their crew aboard the Nathan James to venture into the mine field underwater, so that they can find and rescue Mike and his team.

Allison informs President Michener and Alex that the Regional Leadership Committee is demanding a meeting. Allison and Alex feel the president needs to inform the leaders what's happening in Asia, as their support is crucial.

Wolf inspects the underwater mines that are threatening the Nathan James. One of the explosives is set off, and Tom orders him and the rest of the crew to come back on board the ship.

Takehaya orders Mike and his team's doctor to inspect one of the women in his camp. He informs them that she has the Red Flu, but the doctor informs the pirate that she also has malaria, as she has all the symptoms. Mike realizes that the woman is Takehaya's wife.

Tom, Wolf, Danny and their team investigate the images and recordings of the mines. They realize the mines are approaching the ship.

President Michener informs the regional leaders of the trouble Tom and his crew are facing aboard the Nathan James. The leaders offer the president advice on how he can ease Americans' concerns over the trouble Tom is facing in Asia.

Mike asks his team's doctor how Takehaya's wife, who's pregnant, is healing. He states that if her fever isn't stabilized, she and the baby won't survive.

Jacob reports on the air that he has been informed that Tom is no longer in China. He also states that the Captain is now on the Nathan James, and is pursuing Takehaya and the hostages. Kara interrupts the broadcast, and threatens to freeze his credentials if he continues to be manipulated into reporting what the government leaders want broadcast. He agrees not to run the story for 12 hours, if she gets him an interview with the president.

Sasha questions Lieutenant Alisha Granderson if anyone has talked about evacuating the ship. Alisha tells Sasha that no one's leaving.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Takehaya: Today we hunt a bigger prize: your ship.

Get a handle on your people.

President Michener