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As mourners attend President Michener's memorial service, Vice President Howard Oliver travels to St. Louis to be sworn in as president. Sasha and Mike convince Tom not to target President Peng until they're aware of his plans.

Allison tells Kara that President Michener had previously attempted suicide. Kara realizes that Allison had a personal relationship with the president.

Tom tells President Oliver he's continuing the mission his predecessor gave him. Tom pursues Wu Ming, the smuggler who worked with Takehaya on kidnapping the hostages.

While searching for Wu Ming, Jessie informs the Nathan James that Shanzhai has been burned to the ground. Tom and his team arrive at Wu Ming's home, and witness President Peng's team holding his family hostage. The Nathan James' crew targets the Chinese leader's team.

Allison tells President Oliver she thinks some of President Michener's programs are doing more harm than good. She then tells Kara that they can't uphold the former president's policies, since he couldn't make them work.

 Doc Rios informs Tom that the virus in Takehaya's blood looks different from the one in Dr. Scott's files, and may be a new mutation. Tom worries that everyone on the ship who has come into contact with Takehaya may be infected. But Doc Rios reassures him by revealing that he discovered those who have the cure are immune to the mutation.

When Sasha and Danny search the ship a ship that's connected Wu Ming, Sasha uncovers a secret missile. When it's inspected aboard the Nathan James. Jessie reveals that President Peng used the missiles the day her brother was killed.

President Peng questions one of his men about why Wu Ming is still alive, and how the Nathan James is still operation. The president then orders his worker to execute the Korean population.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Wu Ming: It's you who got everyone in Shanzhai killed.
Tom: I didn't start this. You and Peng did.

We can't just assassinate a foreign leader without consulting with the commander-in-chief.