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Captain Slattery wakes up on the Nathan James, and discovers the African flax seeds are safe. Azima said she joined the crew of the Nathan James because destiny would bring Tom back when the world needed saving again. Tom proposes capturing Vellek and convincing him to help find a cure for the Red Rust. But Captain Joe, filling in for Slattery, overrules him, saying their orders are to return the seeds to U.S. scientists. Joe tells Tom the crew is having mixed feelings about his return, and that he either needs to re-enlist or leave, so there's no confusion about his role. Sasha and Fletcher disagree over whether to use Vellek. Tom talks with his daughter Ashley by phone. The Nathan James receives a distress call from a fishing trawler, which could be a trap. Tom persuades Joe to rescue the trawler's crew. After a tense scene, made worse by a paranoid Burk, the sinking trawler's passengers are transferred to the ship for treatment. Tom apologizes to Kathleen for not coming to see her after Tex was killed. One of the refugees from the trawler is actually Harry, a British spy who Fletcher knows. He finds out the Brits have made a deal with Vellek, and that he's expected to steal the seeds for them. The plane the James was supposed to meet was shot down. Joe makes the decision to have the James take the seeds to Norfolk itself, and Tom tears apart his plan. Jeter confronts Tom about his absence. Tom decides to re-enlist. Joe and the others have decided to find an alternate way to get the seeds safely to the U.S. and then go after Vellek. 

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

I wanted to thank [Tom], to learn from him, to fight with him. That was my destiny.

Azima [to Wolf and Miller]

Slattery: The seeds.
Doc Reyes: They're safe.
Slattery: Thank God.
Doc Reyes: No, sir, thank you.