Vellek is still hellbent on getting to Malta. Wolf gives Azima the daisy off their boat, and they begin kissing. Vulture Team is sent to Malta, to keep the loaded planes from taking off. A sniper wings Miller. Vellek keeps losing track of Christos. Danny gets shot trying to rescue Miller. Vellek is using bugs eating the infected plants to infect other plants. So now Vulture Team has to blow up the planes. One plane escapes, so the Nathan James must shoot it down. Lucia convinces Stavros to attack the James head-on, not with missiles. Lucia confronts Vellek, who slaps her. Tom and Sasha are going to infiltrate Vellek's ship from a Zodiac. They kill the ship's propulsion system so it's dead in the water. A stoned Vellek lights his lab on fire. Tom chases Vellek while Sasha hunts for the seeds. Slattery puts together a volunteer boarding party. Much of the Greek crew is wiped out in an exchange of gunfire, including Stavros. Diaz rams the Greek ship, and the boarding party gets on board. Lucia wings Sasha, but Sasha takes out the sailors Lucia left to finish her. Then she finds the seeds. Tom finds Vellek on deck, but Lucia shoots Tom in the leg. Sasha kills her before Lucia can kill Tom. Tom invites Vellek to help find a cure, but Vellek jumps off the ship instead. The crew recovers all they needed to undo the Red Rust. Tom just wants to go home.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Don't start blowing shit up until we know what's in those crates. We still need those seeds.

Slattery [to Danny]

If Vellek's nostos-laced food gets out into the world, there won't be much humanity left to fight for.