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A memorial service is held for those crew members killed by the Brits. Doc Rios sees Master Chief Jeter favoring his injured side, but Jeter blows him off. The leadership of the Nathan James decides to hunt for Giorgio's mansion. Tom remembers an ancient watchtower, which they will use as a landmark to find Giorgio. The plan is for the away team to infiltrate Giorgio's map room for intel. Greek Admiral Dimitrios disagrees loudly with Vellek's side deal with the British, but Lucia calms him down. The away team discovers Giorgio's party and Tom decides to make him the target instead. Azima infiltrates the party, drawing Giorgio away. The team captures him and gets into the map room. He tells Tom that the fighters, including him, were guinea pigs in his father's experiments. Omar and his men invade Giorgio's compound and a firefight breaks out. Omar taunts the missing Giorgio, then garrotes one of his men. A firefight with the Americans ensues when Omar sends his men inside. One of Omar's men wings Sasha and Giorgio escapes. The explosives set by Burk kills Omar and a couple of his men. Doc Rios figures out that Vellek was monitoring the fighters' aggression levels. Vellek has determined how to use nostos to eliminate aggression in humans. He has used it on Dimitrios. He's putting Stavros in charge of Greece instead, so Vellek can control him. Tom consoles a disillusioned Sasha. Kara and Rain crack the encryption on Vellek's data. Giorgio survives and is being berated by Vellek for letting Tom access the data of his experiments. From the data, Tom figures out that Vellek's lab is on a Greek warship.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm now going to take a little of the genius of Mother Nature, I'm going to mix it with my own, and I'm going to save this planet, in an act of such benevolence that people will question why they ever believed in any other god.


Never again. Do you hear me, Miller? We never let something like this happen to us ever again.

Burk [to Miller]