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Gustavo Barros, a revolutionary from Colombia, seeks to unite Latin America into one force to attack the United States. Admiral Tom Chandler lectures plebes on military history at the U.S. Naval Academy. Tom tells a student, Clayton Swain, that he's turning over Swain's paper on a potential cyber-attack to Fleet Command. Marco gets Vulture Team tickets to the birthday gala for the Panamanian president. The five ships of the revamped U.S. Navy are being unveiled. Tom reunites with other members of the Nathan James at Fleet Week at Mayport Naval Station in Florida. Kara Green is temporary captain of the Nathan James. Vulture Team shows the president the holes in his security, but he refuses their help. A virus knocks out the Navy's computers. The Panamanian president is assassinated, and Vulture Team is framed for it. A sneak aerial attack destroys the four ships in port, with hundreds killed. Among those are several of the new officers and Doc Rios. The ship's big guns and missiles shoot down two planes and the remainder of the planes flee. Only the Nathan James, which is cruising with tourists on board some distance away, is spared, as Kara keeps it hidden so it won't get sunk as well. Tavo is behind the attack. Southern Command attempts to re-establish communications with other military branches. All planes with computers are grounded. Marco tells Vulture Team about the attack on the U.S. Navy. They choose to go south, toward Colombia. Tavo, who is also behind the assassination, is gathering allies for an assault on the U.S. Slattery and Burk rejoin the crew of the Nathan James, which heads south. 

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Mr. Swain, how is it my brightest student is always the last one to turn in his assignments?

Tom [to Swain]

We have to think different because we are different. We are warriors.

Tom [to midshipmen]