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The amphibious assault on Playa Roja has begun. The invasion is announced with missiles from the Nathan James. Brawler brings in her chopper for recon and suppressor fire, but her gunner Stinger is killed and the chopper goes down. The Colombian guns are taking their toll on the Americans. Vulture Team rushes forward to join Azima. Under cover of mortar fire, they take out the guns, then capture the barracks, with the Colombian soldiers soon surrendering. The U.S. military has taken Red Beach. Their casualties are scattered along the beach. Tavo makes a broadcast to rally his citizens. That broadcast allows the Americans to lock in on his general location. Tavo refuses to leave his home. One of Tavo's Corvettes appears near the James. Vulture Team has found Tavo's home. Tom uses a decoy to disguise the ship's location, then they fire torpedoes and hit it. Troops in a Jeep driving by discover Vulture Team and the battle is on. The Iowa-class battleship reappears, and its missile hits the destroyer, causing major damage. The James is hit again, and systems are down. Wolf is stabbed and shot during the assault on Tavo's home. Sasha finds Tavo's wife and son, but just takes a gun away from the son and keeps going. The James is sinking, and Kara issues the order to abandon ship. Tavo's forces surrender, just as Ernesto's rebels arrive. Tom wouldn't leave the James. Wolf is badly injured when Azima locates him. Tavo refuses to surrender, and Danny shoots him when he goes for his gun. Tom overrides safety controls, then points the James at the battleship, tying the steering wheel in place before jumping overboard. Both vessels sink. An unconscious Tom encounters teammates past and present, but he decides to live rather than crossing over. 

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Clayton: We caught them by surprise, sir.
Slattery: They know we're here now.

Sasha: I'm worried about you, Tom. I'm worried to leave you on Nathan James.
Tom: In less than five hours, you're going to hit that beach in Colombia with 300 sailors and Marines. Don't be afraid for me.