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Tavo's warship is missing. Tom wants to recruit two warring countries, Mexico and Cuba, as allies against Tavo's forces. Clayton finds the computer viruses. Chandler plans to officiate over talks between the two nations on the Nathan James. The rebels barely have enough explosives left to take out Tavo's bridge. Chandler arrives on an old Huey helicopter that had been sitting out in a field for 15 years. Costa Rico falls to Tavo's forces. After seeing the bridge's structure, the rebels need a new plan, since they don't have enough Semtex. Sasha's plan is to kidnap Col. Perez and distract the troops long enough for Wolf and Adima to steal a fuel truck and blow it up on the bridge with Semtex. Swain said the code he found gave instructions to a machine within the Command building. President Reiss is upset Tom went back to the front lines without his authorization. Maza hijacks the colonel's truck. Tom's plan is to mine the Strait of Yucatan, to force Tavo's navy into a trap. Danny coerces Perez to relocate his troops. Perez shouts a warning at a checkpoint and a firefight ensues, and their truck crashes. The troops start moving over the bridge again. Perez escapes. Tavo's four planes are attacking the Nathan James. Mexican and Cuban forces fight alongside the Americans. The Huey's missiles take out three planes, although the pilot gets shot. Perez gets shot by his own troops. Then he gets atomized by the exploding fuel truck, which destroys the bridge. Tom sends out a broadcast to Tavo and his followers. President Reiss confides his concerns to Master Chief Jeter. Conchita tells Tavo Tom is his only enemy now. Tom is haunted by his ghosts. 

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

We just need to make [Mexico and Cuba] understand one simple fact. Alone neither country will last a week when Gustavo comes at them.


We can't let [the Americans] have hope. And we can't let our people have doubt.

Tavo [to Martinez]