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Tavo's team has infiltrated South Command. Clayton makes a call to 911 just before the phone lines are cut. The intruders institute lockdown procedures. Slattery, Meylan, and DuFine are taken hostage. Tom figures out the team is after President Reiss. One of Tavo's men finds Clayton but Jeter gets the drop on him, snapping his neck. Soon Jeter and Tom are talking on a secure channel. Tom remembers the old NASA tunnels underneath the campus, which will be the way inside for SWAT. Octavio kills the medic, after telling him his family is already dead. SWAT is inside the building. Octavio has booby-trapped the lobby, and the SWAT team is dead. Octavio starts killing hostages, and Reiss comes out so he won't shoot the joint chiefs. Vulture Team has to come up with a plan to enable the lightly armed Jeter and Clayton to retake the building. Tavo sends out a recorded propaganda broadcast to the U.S., then cuts to a live feed of Octavio. He tells Reiss to confess, or he'll shoot Meylan. Reiss won't break, and Octavio lets Meylan go. He puts a noose around Reiss's neck, and he confesses. Octavio tells Tom to turn himself in, or all the hostages die. Tom decides to turn him in, to buy Vulture Team time to come up with a plan. Slattery tries to turn Kelsi. Octavio's team is going to blow up SouthCom. Vulture Team has Clayton and Jeter raid the supply closet for chemicals. A pissed-off Kelsi provides the distraction Jeter and Clayton need. Octavio uses Kelsi as a shield and she dies. Meylan gets killed shielding Reiss from Octavio, but Slattery kills Octavio before he can blow up the building. Tom blows up Tavo's warship, even though he's too close. Tom survives. He plans to run the war from the Nathan James. 

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

We're too late. They're already in.


Gen. DuFine: How the hell did they get in?
Slattery: I've got a pretty good idea.