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Allied troops are pinned down at Camp X. Gustavo's Cuban puppet Salazar is hiding inside of Camp X. Hiding in an abandoned house, Kelsi reunites with Octavio, her Colombian boyfriend/handler. Gustavo has plans for them and a half-dozen others who joined them in her house. Tom has Kara move the Nathan James to help with the assault on Camp X. Guillermo, a local boy, says there's a tunnel under a well behind an abandoned church that goes to an opening inside the camp. Tom sends a team to infiltrate the camp. Kelsi's sister Elli is interrogated by Slattery and Meylan. Elli says Kelsi was manipulated by Octavio. Vulture Team goes through the tunnel and ends up inside the camp's gate. Tom senses the battleship which has fired on the rebel stronghold. Three of Tavo's thugs lean on Michael, a local man, by threatening to kill his little girl. Tom tells Kara to find the battleship. Elli's car was abandoned at a scrapyard. Tavo's Cuban troops start pouring out of the camp. The Cubans have a tank. Miller lost a foot trying to warn his team members. Stinger on Brawler's chopper takes out a good number of Cubans, but it's too hot for a second pass. Miller is loaded onto Brawler's chopper. While Azima distracts troops with a bulldozer, Wolf climbs the tower and takes over the gun. He mows down the Cubans in front of him, including those manning the tank's gun. This allows Danny to take over the tank. He blows off the camp's gates, and Tom leads the charge inside. Kelsi turns herself in at Command. Kelsi takes a pill which sends her into seizures. Michael is the medic called to treat her. There's no sign of the battleship. The ambulance Michael called is staffed with Octavio's hit squad. They're armed to take over SouthCom.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Tom: Captain, the battleship. Any sign of it?
Kara: No, sir. We've been able to shell Gitmo unimpeded.
Tom: That's what worries me. Get here fast and watch your ass.

Azima: Tell me there's more where that came from.
Wolf: I said I'd never lie.