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Tavo blows up at his general over recent losses. He orders that his four-ship fleet be sent after the Nathan James and Tom Chandler. Vulture Team hopes to reach an airfield to catch a ride from narcotics traffickers. They separate from Armando's rebels. The Nathan James registers three oncoming vessels. Alisha and Clayton explain how the virus corrupted the military network to Meylan. He wants to know how it got into Command. Mexican mines take out the first ship. The other two veer off, toward the Mexican land batteries. Vulture Team comes under attack. Wolf and Vasquez trip a minefield. Danny shoots a path through the mines and rescues the injured Wolf, but Vasquez is dead. The Mexicans sink the second ship, but that ship damaged the Mexican ship while sinking. One of four missiles from the last ship hits the James, and it is damaged and can't pursue. Wolf gets treatment at a nearby clinic. The Cuban ship isn't answering Tom's hails. Clayton figures out the virus came in on an ID card. Alisha determines it was her card and her girlfriend Kelsey's photo file that set off the virus. Soldiers invade the clinic, but Vulture Team successfully hides and eludes them  A ship appears from nowhere and fires on and hits the Nathan James. The repairs hold, giving it full power. They are facing a battleship. Slattery fires three torpedoes, but only one hit. The James is hit again. Tom wants to pursue, but Kara overrules him because the James is in no shape for a fight. Cuba joined Tavo's forces. Guatemala invaded Mexico but Aguilar blows up the oil refinery. Alisha confronts Kelsey, who is a Tavo believer. They struggle and Kelsey stabs Alisha, leaving her for dead. Clayton tries phoning Alisha.

The Last Ship
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The Last Ship Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

You will get that [air] lift. Everybody loved Pablo.

Armando [to Vulture Team]

Fuentes: We're united, brother.
Aguilar: United.

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